LA MÊME GANG……. You know that feeling that you get when find out that your favorite group of artists just released a  NEW ALBUM and it’s like OH MY GODDDD IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! YASSSSSSSS! La Même gang just dropped their first album “La Même” and its a real sensation!  

Have you ever heard a new song or a group of artists and knowing within the first 10 seconds that this song/group is going to be tight!? That was the experience I first had with  La Même gang,  for the very first time I heard some of their songs, I was like man, that is art in its purest form. FEELING THE GOOSEBUMPS, CHILLS AND TINGLES THAT ONLY BEAUTIFUL, PASSIONATE MUSIC CAN GIVE YOU, believe you me, there is literally nothing in the world more perfect than great music.

This “gang” of young men are energetic,raw,talented, poetic and entertaining, bringing you a refreshing and listenable sounds straight outta Ghana. They bring a refreshing vibe to the Ghana music scene. La Même gang brings energy to the stage and their  performances are overwhelming. They however produce music that extends beyond the typical Afrobeat music Ghanaians may be used to which totally makes them unrivaled. Throughout the album, you will see a range of genres including Hip-Hop, Afrobeat and Trap which gives each artist a chance to take center stage and adds features that prevents you from placing the album within the confines of any single genre.

Listen to the La Même tape below make we mad opp!


ARTISTS: Abu, Darkovibes, Hama, Kiddblack, KwakuBs, Kwesi Arthur, Larry, $pacely and  RJZ.

PRODUCERS: Samual A. Grant, Ahmed Froko, Nestor S. Ankuvie

WRITTERS: Larry E.K. Prempeh, Elvis E. Amenyah, Paul N.A.A. Darko, Joshua E. Mensah, Micheal K. Boateng, Kwesi Arthur, D.Dorcoo, Andrew Kofi Abu,, Joshua R. Mahama.

RECORDED: Villain Studios

MIXED & MASTERED: Constant Afun


You don’t want to miss their upcoming event dubbed, OUR DAY


Author: Toney Tengey

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