Whiles bathing warm water is a daily routine for some people others have their misconceptions about it. It is advised that you bath warm water in the evening and not only at cold times, and these are the reasons why;

1.Bathing with warm water in the evening helps take off the day stress and gives relief from depression. You sweat after, which makes you sleep better

.2. Bathing with warm water get the blood flowing which is not only good for circulation but helps relax tight muscles and sores. It advised to get a warm water bath after working out

.3.Due to the heat in warm water, there’s circulation of blood when bathing with warm water and this minimizes blood pressure which is good for the heart

.4.Using warm water to bath relieves you from cold and nasal congestion. And also kills germs.

5. When you add essential oils to warm water it helps soothes irritated skins and makes you skin glow.


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