Pulling off Afro hair style with African print can sometimes be tacky, but Instagram style girl Imani Evans, seems to be all up in her style game.
Whatever the style or the occasion you’re guaranteed to see Imani Evans, looking ravishing in her Afro and African print outfits. She is really building a brand with her Afro hair.
See some of her best African print fashion moments in the photos below;
Actress and social media personality, Moesha Buduong had her followers and fans awe-struck with a decent yet hot look she served to a friend’s wedding. 
She paired the royal blue off shoulder layered piece with a sleek brown heels and a fancy brown bag to match. The curvy actress completed her stunning look with smiles that gives a total statement of simplicity and glam.
Check out more looks below:

Fendi has designed this pink circle scarf printed with the brand’s signature logo and lined with brown fur in the center.

But many Twitter users have compared it to a Punani. Yep, the tweets are true. Fendi designed a $1,000 blush-toned “Touch of Fur” scarf that reminds people of the very moment they were brought into this world.

Unfortunately for those of you who wanted to add this scarf to your Christmas list, it’s already been removed from the Fendi website because of people’s reaction and so all that’s left is its memory. And to be fair to Fendi, the “Touch of Fur” scarf is available in blue and red, but online shoppers have stayed fixated on the pink version out for obvious reasons.

Business Insider reports that While many mocked the scarf, others said that they would try wearing it. The scarf is still available to purchase in blue and red.


South Africa’s Riky Rick who has been in the entertainment industry for more than 5 years is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to his fashion choices and he recently broke the internet with his latest outfit when the rapper wore a skirt during a recent appearance on ‘Live Amp’.

Although Riky Rick is known and loved for his unique sense of style, some of his fans however think he has taken his love for fashion one step too far this time. See some reactions below:


The monochrome gender-fluid ensemble is from the newest menswear collection by revered knitwear fashion brand, Maxhosa by Laduma.

The man behind the brand, Laduma Ngxokolo, insists for starters the correct term for the look is not a skirt or kilt, but rather it’s his interpretation of ibheshu – a calf-skin apron worn by Zulu men. He does, however, confirm that the get-up was heavily influenced by the Scottish kilt. “The collection is called culture, so the whole objective was to celebrate different cultures around the world,” he told Sowetanlive


Velvet has the potential to look elegant, sophisticated, and smart – but it also has the potential to look cheap or even trashy. So, when velvet fashion is worn right, it’s luscious and can be a total winning look for whatever occasion you’re wearing it for. Conversely, the opposite is true. We’ve been seeing a lot of velvet emerging as a beautiful trend, and it is, of course, very important for people to know exactly how to wear velvet in the most successful way possible.

Velvet goes hand-in-hand with ‘70s fashion and is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive soft feel. By extension, the word velvety means “smooth like velvet.” Velvet can be made from either synthetic or natural fibers. It complicated process meant that velvet was expensive to make before industrial power looms became available, and well-made velvet remains a fairly costly fabric.

Velvet fashion has also been typically seen in evening wear rather than day wear, but we have been seeing velvet as day wear pop up on various runways this year. Velvet bottoms are about as deep into this trend as you can get. While they aren’t the easiest item to pull off, when styled the right way, their impact will be unforgettable. Check out a few styling tips on how to rock velvet fabric.

1. Say yes to an elegant Velvet dress or jumpsuit, is a perfect choice for evening. A velvet dress really stands out on its own, but you can add a statement necklace to be fancier and voila, there you go!

2. You can try a velvet accessory like a velvet cross-body bag, you can wear it for any occasion, from running errands to the fanciest of date nights.

3. Velvet makes even a t-shirt or top look more chic and glam. Wear it with high-waist jeans.


4. Make a velvet midi skirt work by pairing it with a cozy and comfy top.


5. Wear Velvet in any shoe you can find it in. A mule, a platform pump for a special occasion, a chunky boot for any time in between, the velvet gods were good to the shoe lover this year.

6. Mix with different textures and a velvet jacket or pant style blends rather than making too much of a statement. Dress down to make it a statement, or up to turn. Either way, your wardrobe will thank you.

7. When you need a break from all the skinny jeans and tailored trousers, Wear Velvet in wide-leg options. Whether they’re for work or play, a swinging pair of party pants can spruce up the dreariest of days and span all occasions.


To have a dyed blonde hair seems to be a problem for most black women, not because they are against it but because of its complications with it comes to dressing to look good in it, but socialite, stylist and photo model Lharley has recently proved to us that blonde colored hair is no limitation to dressing to impress and also definitely not in African print outfits.
Lharley just keeps blowing minds and wowing eyes in different amazing African print styles with a neatly dyed short blonde hair. She never cease to impress us with her stylish haircuts and looks.
See more looks below:
Colors play major roles in our lives, especially the color of clothes we wear represent our feelings. Yellow is that color which stand for richness of the soul, body and mind. It’s a glowing color which adds confidence and rejuvenates your looks.
This hot color enlightens your mood due to it’s brightness, it also influences people to be jolly around you. So the next time you want to release someone of stress, dress in yellow and thank me later.
Below are some yellow style inspirations to rock.


The royal wedding which took place few months ago, had us seeing popular female attendees rock different amazing headpieces and that trend has now catch fire here with us. If you follow fashion closely in Ghana, then you would have realized how headpieces are adding extra statements to the looks of style icons and fashionable women here in Ghana of late.
From the covers of magazines, red carpet and  social events, these fashionable women are spotted looking striking and elegant in fabulous headpieces. These headpieces are the latest fashion trend you must add to your style.
See photos of celebrities and other fashionable women rocking them.


If you are always on Instagram, then you may have come across photo or two of this mother and  beautiful baby daughter twinning mostly in African print designed outfits and we just had to agree they are so adorable and cute.
The mother is a founder of a swimwear clothing brand and hails from Guinea Bissau. Her name is ‘Ola Jarel’ and her daughter is ‘Ashia Katharina Victoria’. They are such a beautiful duo to watch and their love for African print designed clothes is absolutely amazing.
Check out some of the best photos of the two:


18th July, 2018 marked the birthday of the stylish and glamorous light skinned babe, Zynnel Zuh, and as she is well known for her impeccable style, she didn’t let her special day go by, without serving some glam and sophisticated looks.
She posted  various pictures of herself wearing four different outfits from some renowned designers here in Ghana.
The looks were as usual, refinished, elegant and chic.
Check them out below:


Outfit: @sima_brew, @laurenhautecoutre, @wendylartisane

Fabric @kejeronfabrics

Headpiece: @urezkulture

Makeup: @aesthetic_makeup

Hair styling: @kushbytaylor

Photography: @oabphotography

Location: @lifestylegalleryafrica_