It can be  scary thing wielding a sharp razor so close to your private area, even more when you’re a male, so if you’re feeling nervous about shaving down there, you definitely need to keep reading.

But why should you remove your pubic hair? First of all (and perhaps to many the most important  reason), shaving it can make your erection look positively huge. When your pubic hair covers up part of the shaft, visually it can seem much shorter. The hidden part of the shaft will be revealed and can make your penis look a half inch longer. But, of course you wouldn’t care about that would you? lol

          The Benefits Of Shaving Your Pubic Area

I am sure I do not have to get into the exact details about the benefits but I have provided a short list below to help those peeps who may be wondering.

Nice smooth skin.

No hair means it will smell better. (Seriously)

No more scratchy pubes on her skin.

Trimming the bush makes the tree look taller.

Less friction from the hair results in greater pleasure.

Less expensive than waxing. Also, a lot less painful.

A sleeker look that generally is considered more attractive.

     The Possible Negative Effects

Just like shaving your face, there can be some downfalls to shaving your man bush. Below is some of the possible risks involved. Most of the risks and negative aspects can certainly be avoided if you properly follow the methods described below and practice safe sex.

Irritated skin, but not always.

There is the risk of small razor cuts.

Possible razor burn if not done correctly.

Pimples & ingrown hairs depending on your skin type.

Choose a Method

There are two ways you can use to shave your pubic hair off. These two methods include:

Method 1 – An Electric Body Groomer

Method 2 – A Manually Operated Razor (Traditional Shaving)

Either of the methods above will give you great results and we will be walking you through each step of both methods to insure you can keep trimmed with ease. If you are not too sure which one to choose, we have written a short explanation

Electric Groomer or Manual Razor?

There are a few different things to consider when choosing your preferred method. It all depends mostly on the “quality” of shave you are looking for. A huge factor when talking about a quality shave is time. A manual razor is gonna be the best quality shave you can get. You can expect to have a very smooth, clean, shave. The only downside is it is a bit more labor intensive and will require more time than using an electric razor.

If you are looking to quickly trim or shave your pubic hair, I would go with the electric groomer. However, keep in mind this won’t end up being super smooth. It is still a very effective method. And don’t get me wrong, the significant other will still thoroughly enjoy it.

Choose Your Tools

Depending on which method you will use, you are required to have a few tools for your “tool” to get the job done right.

Method 1 Tools (Electric)




Method 2 Tools (Manual)







General Pubic Shaving Principles

As you probably know with your face. Try to always go against the grain. Doing so will produce the closest, cleanest shave. If you tend to get skin irritation, acne, ingrown hair, etc from shaving then you want to consider going with the grain as this will irritate the area much less.

Keep your skin pulled tight is a MUST when shaving your balls. Seriously. If you do not, your skin will hang loose and this will result in lots of razor cuts. This goes for both the manual and electric methods. A cut on your sack absolutely sucks and it can bleed quite a bit. So absolutely be sure to keep your skin nice a taut by pulling it. You will have to adjust and do what works best, but you will get the hang of stretching the skin for a cut-free finish.

How To Shave Your Balls

Step 1 – Clean Your Razor or Body Groomer

Clean Your Razor

Step 2 -Trim The Area to Be Shaven


Step 3- Apply Pre Shave Oil


Step 4- Apply Special Shaving Cream


Step 5 – Commence The Shaving Process


Step 6 – Antiseptic Wash


Step 7 – Apply Body Powder




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Next to the popularity of beards, the removal of body hair also known as MANSCAPING especially in the pubic area is another grooming trend and these are some reasons for this- trends in porn, pressure from partners and oh the acclaimed ‘optical inch’ pubic hair removal supposedly provides, however I believe some men just prefer the way it looks and feels. Did you know that a survey by Gillette showed that 92 percent of women prefer a man with a tidy trunk line? (I know I do, lol)
In fact, a whole industry has been developed around keeping men’s ‘downstairs’ clean and fresh so grooming below the belt isn’t an eyebrow-raising oddity but rather a practice you should probably consider taking up. Yes you, the gentleman reading this.
Do you have concerns or questions you’ve always wanted to ask about the ‘down below’ grooming but were too timid to ask? Well here is everything you wanted to know.


It’s widely known that the male groin has a distinctive (if not universally appreciated) aroma. This musky smell is largely a result of the concentration of apocrine sweat glands in the region, some of which produce a modified form of sweat that some people find sexually attractive (hmmmmmm?????). Unfortunately, after a hard day’s work, these odors can become more toxic than intoxicating. (hehehehehe)

The solution? A quick dust with a refreshing talc-like powder designed just for ‘the boys’. Not only will such powders keep the fellas clean and fresh, they’re also a great solution for “batwings” — the unfortunate affliction where a sweaty sack temporarily bonds to the thighs. Application is simple – just sprinkle or spray a moderate amount of these miracle powders in the boxer briefs and then hit the road.

A light trim is often all that’s needed to neaten pubic hair, but if you prefer an altogether smoother look, and are using a razor to achieve it, trim the hair back first with a specialist device like the Philips Body-groom or Wahl Body Groomer. Any of these will make shaving much easier and safe.

If smooth balls are what you sought after, splash them with cold water before shaving so skin is taut and less vulnerable. Use a transparent shave gel like (Gillette fusion clear shave gel) so you see where you heading and make sure you use short, gentle strokes and for the sake of your balls, please make sure you are sober! Afterwards, apply an unscented aftershave balm just as you would after shaving your face.

If you just want to trim pubic hair rather than shaving it all off, the be sure to also trim stomach and chest hair to a similar length to keep things balanced.

To reduce the risk of itchy re-growth, you need to get into the habit of shaving regularly. If your worry is about unsightly spots forming after you shaved, try using an antiseptic spray like Outback Organics or Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S Spray.
Chafing, caused by skin rubbing itself can occur everywhere from the buttocks to the armpits, also the groin is a prime area. You are especially susceptible if you are sport man and, if you’re prone to perspiring a lot as sweat can make things even worse. Using Sudocream Antipseptic Healing Cream is the best way to soothe chafing.


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