African men aren’t the most expressive due to societal and cultural expectations.  They can be quite elusive with their feelings, especially when it comes to being vulnerable and in love.  Even still, their love may be growing for you, yet they won’t show it.  Nevertheless, there are little clues they will leave here and there that can ensure you two are heading to greener pastures. Here are some unconventional ways African men show love and affection.

Asks for your two cents

If someone values your input enough to ask for your advice, then you should know that the person holds you in high regard.  Especially when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s often those we care about the most that will be in our inner circle. So, if he opens up to you, it can be an inkling of his growing feelings.

He helps you with ‘unmanly’ chores

Let’s face it, African men across the board are conditioned to think that woman should be responsible for many of the numerous household demands – even if you work outside of the home as well.  If your husband cares enough about your well-being to help out, despite his upbringing, then he is a keeper.

He’s romantic, even when you two aren’t in bed

Many men use romantic gestures as a means to get the booty.  This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, nonetheless, if he goes out of his way to make life extra convenient for you, take it as a good sign.

He buys or cooks food for you

Nothing says I love and care for you more than a meal.  The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach but there are women out there who are foodies too! If he picks you up a snack when you ask or even unexpectedly, he cares…big time.


If your partner takes the time to plan and execute a nice getaway, a quick weekend trip, or a lovely day or evening for you, he definitely loves to see you smile because it more than likely means you’re happy. It’s an even bigger bonus if he’s the reason for your jubilation.

He doesn’t entertain other women

Some individuals need to be validated as proof they are loved.  A man can have female friendships but one who is serious about one woman won’t let his friendships get in the way.  He’ll have clear boundaries set and you, as his partner will be well aware of all of his female friends.

Doesn’t take your presence for granted

Some of us tend to get bored when we’re around the same person often. This can cause complacency which can dull the fires in your romance.  If your man is dazzled by your presence in the general scheme of things, your relationship is solid. This doesn’t mean you don’t have rough patches; it just indicates that you navigate through challenges together effectively.


At the end of the day, a relationship can only thrive if the involved parties nurture it.  If we take the time to honor ourselves, our partners and our objectives, we will be able to live as happy as possible.




Good looks matter but this doesn’t mean you’ve got to bed the drop-dead-gorgeous “King Promise” or the very sexy “Ronaldo” type. But studies show there has to be some sort of physical “liking” in order for a girl to let her guard down and allow her vulnerability to show.

Keep in mind, girls usually pick the hot guy for the short-term romp and the average looking man for longer term relationships…Interesting eh?

Well, I decided to nose around to find out what most women find hot on men. You may not agree though but these are the 8 most said things .

THICK LIPS! Yes thick lips, most women find it hot when a guy has thick lips. Yes no matter the color whether pink or not it’s turns me on when  I see a guy  with soft fleshy lips” said one  of the many women I spoke to. “I love my guy because I can chew his beef lips when we are kissing” said another. You may think its weird but this is fact. The reason why guys with thick lips are tagged good kissers.

SMALLER WAIST! WAIT, ARE YOU THINKING WTF? I THOUGHT SO TOO…….. I was bemused when I realized how complicated women can be on things they find hot on men. This is another revelation, men with smaller waist are found hotter and especially when they tuck in. “When I see a man with smaller waist then I begin to imagine how good he can ride in bed “.  A reply from another woman.

PLAYING HARD TO GET! Experts report today that women seem to like the guy that’s not so easy to get. In other words boys, playing hard to get might just put the ball in your court. Seriously, when you aren’t available, it just might make women want you more. *WINK*

HAIRY MEN! This one would not surprise you much. Another feature on men, women rank hot, is hair. Men with hair on chest and legs  are hot according to women. They enjoy the roughness of the hair when it rubs on their skin. “Whenever it prickles me it sends some indescribable sensation through the whole of my being “. Just as she said it.

MONEY TALKS! Women look for a man that shows he has some wealth. So if you have a fancy car or nice house, you will capture her attention before a man that still lives in his mother’s house and rides a bike.

THICKER EYEBROW! This one is truly a bit weird but when you’ve got the thick not thin eyebrows, you are showing your eyes off more and apparently that’s what the girls like. “Believe it or not it turns me on” says one excited lady

DEEP VOICE AND BROAD CHEST! Any of these makes guys hot as well. If you have both then you’re super hot. Broad chest and voice. Its just natural for women to want to be dominated by their men.  “Sweet words from a man with a deep voice makes me feel like a real woman”. Oh please dont look at me I didn’t say that. “I love to lay my head on his broad chest , l feel protected and secured. Those are words from another woman.

SMART AND FUNNY! When a girl is thinking about being attracted to you, there has to be some sense of humor in you and. Experts report that funny suggests intelligence and that’s totally sexy.  One other lady said, Smartly-funny is sexy.