Creativity as defined by oxford is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. The art of turning new, original and imaginative ideas into reality.

Creativity in Africa is characterized by the ability to perceive our continent, Africa in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Creativity has given birth to two processes: thinking, then producing.

Creativity is the backbone being Africa fashion, because it comes with people daring to mix prints, colours, taking style risk and bringing “out of the box ideas” into existence and now it’s become a way of life to many African relatives.

The role of creativity can never be overemphasized in Africa’s fashion and in Africa as a whole.
Creativity is found everywhere but mainly from inspiration, as an artist inspiration can be gotten from almost everything. Stay woke!

AUTHOR: Princess Ladi

When two captivating souls meet they subdue each other as seen in the stunning sensual photo shoot which features Top model and stylist Nana Kwasi Wiafe and Michaela Coel, British award winning actress, screenwriter and creator of Netflix series ‘Chewing Gum’ as they display a powerful sense of emotion and passion in these photos, with great style, class and edginess.
Michaela Coel was dressed in a white cozy one piece suit while Nana Kwasi Wiafe was dressed down in a casual white pant and an unbuttoned white dress shirt. His look was completed with a gold colored bead-like necklace worn to the perfect level of softness all chosen by stylist @thouartkwasi.
Their comfort and ease are evident in every beautiful shot.
Models : Nana Kwasi Wiafe & Michaela Coel
Photography: Lightningpathways
Styled by : @thouartkwasi
Production/direction: Nana Kwasi Wiafe

There is plenty of talent in various fields in Ghana and we are only happy to highlight and promote the rising stars where we can. Kaptin is a young talent who is into visual art photography, with an eye for what makes a great image.

What started off as a hobby in December 2016 has now escalated to a high-end franchise.
The life of Chris Marshall Boakye Jr. popularly known as *KAPTIN*, one of the country’s best young generation photographers is by no means conventional. By turns acerbic, playful, and even absurd creativity which is quite compelling are some of the attributes associated with the young chap.

Having interned with Glitz Africa and Vine Imagery, producing a few memorable covers/visual shots under these reputable brands has helped groom Kaptin in becoming one of the young renowned photographers in Ghana.
Kaptin is a Ghana based photographer and film director who likes to travel and create visual shots. His editorial photography stems from a place of spirit and space. He is methodical about the mood of his works. He gives great thought to overall tones and composition by creating elaborate mood boards for every project he commits to. The presence of raw emotions and feelings is apparent in each piece regardless of the art medium. The brands and people he chooses to work with are more than business partners, they are more like family.

Most of Kaptin’s works are being shot in Ghana but a lot of people actually categorize him as a traveler because of his color grading works which have been published online. Again, he is set to work with “FEAR NO MAN” Clothing owned by Africa’s renowned stylist Kulaperry, who’s currently the best stylist/designer in the fashion and entertainment industry. The partnership with Kulaperry’s *FEAR NO MAN* Clothing is set to be a mind blowing creative visual work.

Secondly, He’s worked in Partnership with Daniks Peters, a Retro – Merchandise Brand which has been on Ghana’s biggest Fashion Event ‘The Glitz Africa Fashion Week’ hosted by Kempinski Hotel in Accra. The Collaboration brought a lot of impressions on the Merchandise brand as well.

Kaptin works with a group of people like @Fondmanic and @kwamekodah who come up with concept for his visual masterpiece shots. He travels with them on photography trips to create amazing visual shots.
One would think that after just 2 years of being in the photography and arts field, Kaptin would still be in his learning stage but this chap has mastered the art of creating mind-boggling masterpieces that targets brands like *Adidas,* *Puma*, *Yeezy*, *Stampd* and a lot of other street wear brands across the globe who are gradually recognizing his works. This undeniably sets him apart from other photographers in Ghana because the unique skills infused into his works makes his pieces very different from other artists in the country.

You can connect with Kaptin and get to see all his visual works on Instagram *@iamkaptin* and his website will soon be out. This Year however, he is preparing for an art photo exhibition to showcase his art pieces so keep your fingers cross and watch out for this young “masterpiece”!

Did you know that Shudu, the dark-skinned model with 39,000 followers on Instagram is not real? Along with a male model, Nfon, Shudu is the digital creation of artist and photographer Cameron-James Wilson, crafted and posed using 3D imaging.

View this post on Instagram

Shudu ❤ Nfon . . . 📸@cjw.photo . #shudu #3dart

A post shared by Shudu (@shudu.gram) on

London-based photographer Cameron-James Wilson in an interview shared with Harper’s Bazaar, “Basically Shudu is my creation, she’s my art piece that I am working on at the moment.

“She is not a real model unfortunately, but she represents a lot of the real models of today. There’s a big kind of movement with dark skin models, so she represents them and is inspired by them.”

“Obviously some models like Duckie Thot were definitely big inspirations for her as well,” he told the magazine.

Her creation is impressive. Until you know she’s CGI, you won’t see anything other than a stunning model


But Shudu’s existence is attracting criticism. Many people have tweeted their disappointment that Cameron-James, a white photographer, has digitally created a dark-skinned model instead of giving a platform for real-life black women… who he would need to pay for their work.


One look at Shudu’s Instagram page and the Duckie Thot comparison becomes clear.

While black models, especially those with darker skin tones, are seeing more opportunities in the fashion world, the industry still has a long way to go in terms of equality. Many feel that digital models are robbing real models of opportunities that’s already few and far in between. See more images below






Orange! When your favorite color is orange, the party is wherever you are. Forever the optimist, you fully expect something wonderful  to happen. You’ve perfected being in the present, living in the moment and focusing on the positive vibes created by this bright color.

Orange personalities are described as social animals, social butterflies and mediators. The color orange is a problem solver at heart, with the high energy to inspire and influence others. This collection is all about taking the stride because something wonderful is about to happen……orange is the new black !!

Designer: Selasi Daniel @lasiroyale
photography: Ansah Ken @⁨ansahkenphotography
Models: Marjolein @ yooDin Gh
              Diego Hugo @_kaosbeat
             David Mullar @david_mull3r
Stylist: Nana qwejo Collins @nana_qwejo_collins




Ikire Jones was founded by Nigerian born designer/Afrobeat musician/attorney Walé Oyéjidé, and bespoke tailor/musician Sam Hubler. The brand takes a craftsmanship approach to design and makes boldly printed garments that are rich and elegant. Ikire Jones achieves optimum maximalism by marrying aesthetics from different cultures around the globe. They put Africa on the forefront with their African inspired prints and the prose that usually accompanies the lookbooks on the site, written by Walé Oyéjidé. 

Their latest collection, titled “Look At God” is a celebration of beauty in its myriad forms. An acknowledgement that elegance can be found everywhere, and in all of us, if we simply choose to look for it. The visually striking images from the lookbook were shot by Joshua Kissi, one half of Street Etiquette. The collection is print heavy and features expertly crafted basics that look anything but basic. Click on the gallery for the stunning lookbook.


Photography Courtesy:  Photographer: Joshua Kissi|Models: Elanor Grace BockMohamed OuedraogoLawrence AnnunziataNana Yaa| Makeup Artist: Alana Wright|Creative Direction + Copy: Walé Oyéjidé