When going for casting it’s just appropriate to be in your natural form. Most casting fliers will tell you no make-up, no wigs and so on.

One thing you should take note of is not all castings that you must go without makeup especially if your skin is not that amazing. But also you should not turn up all made up like you’re going on the red carpet.

Los Angelos based model with super amazing dark skin Alencia J Lewis is here with a video on how to get a natural glow make-up when going for castings or doing a digital casting

.Click on the link below to watch it.


When it comes to bridal makeup, nothing works as a better inspiration than real brides. And while you would ultimately opt for styles and shades to match your outfit, you sure can take ideas from our selection of gorgeous brides.

We are giving you the most fabulous makeup looks for your wedding day. Check out these 10 stunning makeup ideas that are sure to make you look like a bombshell.

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We use our makeup brushes every day-dipping them in cosmetics, applying them to our face. Makeup brushes collect dirt, oil, bacteria and other buildup that can cause breakouts and aggravate skin. Seems rather contradictory isn’t? Being they exist to make us pretty! Make cleaning your makeup brushes a regular routine. How often should one  clean their makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes are an investment and should be cared for properly. You are applying them to your face daily, and they are a breeding ground for bacteria. Try to clean your brushes at least once a week. You will preserve the life of your brushes and help avoid your own chances of getting breakouts and skin irritations.

Baby shampoo for washing
If you don’t have a traditional brush cleaner handy, there’s lots of great gentle substitutes like baby shampoo. Rinse the shampoo out well and (very important) lay the brushes flat on paper towels to dry. If brushes are left standing upright as they dry, water may run down and loosen the adhesive that holds the brush feral in place, causing the handles to come off.

TLC for your brushes
For a deep cleanse, pour alcohol in a shallow bowl and swish brushes back and forth. Wipe down brush handles with alcohol as well. Then use a solid brush shampoo. We recommend Clean Brush shampoo in olive oil formula. The olive oil soap breaks down the makeup deep in the brush. Remember it’s always important to use lukewarm water as hot water can damage the bristles. Begin by wetting the brush in lukewarm water, swoosh around in the jar and rinse. Always complete by removing all excess water and lay on a towel hanging over the edge of a table or counter so the air circulates and dries them faster. Keep in mind brushes will take some time to dry, so you will want to wash at night, not during your morning routine.

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Rubbing alcohol
Spray it on the bristles or onto paper towels and run the brushes back and forth on the towel and or really wipe down the bristles with the alcohol soaked towel. The alcohol also kills germs and bacteria.
Time matters One of the biggest mistakes made is soaking brushes in water for too long. It is not a good idea because the water to goes into the glue that holds the hairs and loosen it resulting in shedding of the brush hair.



Pat McGrath, the legendary makeup artist is finally offering options to longtime devotees and makeup enthusiasts alike. She’s launching her first permanent makeup collection this fall.

In the past, McGrath’s cosmetics collaborations have only been released in limited editions, causing many fans to be hit with the dreaded “sold out” page when trying to make a purchase.

McGrath will release the “unlimited” line under her Pat McGrath Labs label in two stages. The first part will drop on September 16th at midnight and the second part will debut on September 28th. Both releases will be available exclusively at PatMcGrath.com. On October 6th, you can grab the line at the brand’s exclusive retail partner Sephora, both in store and online.

The first drop will feature forty shades of lipstick in two finishes and the second drop will and the second drop will feature lip liner in eleven shades, eyeliner in five shades, a mascara and an eye shadow palette in three colourways.