There is plenty of talent in various fields in Ghana and we are only happy to highlight and promote the rising stars where we can. Kaptin is a young talent who is into visual art photography, with an eye for what makes a great image.

What started off as a hobby in December 2016 has now escalated to a high-end franchise.
The life of Chris Marshall Boakye Jr. popularly known as *KAPTIN*, one of the country’s best young generation photographers is by no means conventional. By turns acerbic, playful, and even absurd creativity which is quite compelling are some of the attributes associated with the young chap.

Having interned with Glitz Africa and Vine Imagery, producing a few memorable covers/visual shots under these reputable brands has helped groom Kaptin in becoming one of the young renowned photographers in Ghana.
Kaptin is a Ghana based photographer and film director who likes to travel and create visual shots. His editorial photography stems from a place of spirit and space. He is methodical about the mood of his works. He gives great thought to overall tones and composition by creating elaborate mood boards for every project he commits to. The presence of raw emotions and feelings is apparent in each piece regardless of the art medium. The brands and people he chooses to work with are more than business partners, they are more like family.

Most of Kaptin’s works are being shot in Ghana but a lot of people actually categorize him as a traveler because of his color grading works which have been published online. Again, he is set to work with “FEAR NO MAN” Clothing owned by Africa’s renowned stylist Kulaperry, who’s currently the best stylist/designer in the fashion and entertainment industry. The partnership with Kulaperry’s *FEAR NO MAN* Clothing is set to be a mind blowing creative visual work.

Secondly, He’s worked in Partnership with Daniks Peters, a Retro – Merchandise Brand which has been on Ghana’s biggest Fashion Event ‘The Glitz Africa Fashion Week’ hosted by Kempinski Hotel in Accra. The Collaboration brought a lot of impressions on the Merchandise brand as well.

Kaptin works with a group of people like @Fondmanic and @kwamekodah who come up with concept for his visual masterpiece shots. He travels with them on photography trips to create amazing visual shots.
One would think that after just 2 years of being in the photography and arts field, Kaptin would still be in his learning stage but this chap has mastered the art of creating mind-boggling masterpieces that targets brands like *Adidas,* *Puma*, *Yeezy*, *Stampd* and a lot of other street wear brands across the globe who are gradually recognizing his works. This undeniably sets him apart from other photographers in Ghana because the unique skills infused into his works makes his pieces very different from other artists in the country.

You can connect with Kaptin and get to see all his visual works on Instagram *@iamkaptin* and his website will soon be out. This Year however, he is preparing for an art photo exhibition to showcase his art pieces so keep your fingers cross and watch out for this young “masterpiece”!

Ghanaian musician and radio host, Trigmatic and wife Dita, over the weekend the couple  held a naming and blessing ceremony for the baby, Eden whom they welcomed on Friday, November 24

Trigmatic shared photos from the ceremony on Instagram, saying:

“God gave you to me and to Him , I present you Eden. My message for u as a father is that fear God and love His work . Things that shook me can’t shake u, in fact will be far from you. think ahead and lead wherever you go. Hate Carnality and embrace spirituality. U will never fail. Mum and I love you so much but you are more of God than any of us. May the Lord reveal your true purpose to u at a very tender age. Be wise as Solomon and rule . Thanx @mrs__matic for this amazing gift.

Check out the images of the ceremony below:

The ‘Kitchen Stool’ Sex Tape is not a breaking story so why wait so long to talk about it? It is simple. I am the person who laughs 17 years on after the joke has been told. With that ice broken, let’s talk and I just may have to keep it short and straightforward as my temper is too short to be telling tall tales.

So it was Monday morning. Quite a hard earned weekday for me as I woke up with a splitting headache. I hardly slept a wink the night before and in my mind’s eye I could not see myself going to work. Ah, the traffic jam, noise, insults from driver to driver; the mere thought of those events even worsened my headache. After I successfully phoned my job to request a day off, I made myself black coffee with no sugar. I needed to stay awake to be effectively lazy that day.

Practicing a usual ritual, I jumped right onto my Twitter timeline for what was trending only to discover a freaking ‘Kitchen Stool’! Same old underrated piece of wood was trending for all the wrong reasons. I scrolled through numerous posts for some time and still couldn’t figure out exactly what all the fuss was about. Almost immediately, I discovered a video. A potential two member cast sex tape game changer. So there was this fairly older man who had been identified as a head teacher. He had mounted a relatively younger woman, apparently 20 years of age on a freaking kitchen stool as though she were a newly unboxed Plasma Television, as he thrusted in and out of her from behind. What I had seen did not look anything like rape; two adults had clearly agreed to have consensual ‘doggy’ coitus on a freaking kitchen stool! Imagine the thirst as they couldn’t even afford to have sex on the decency of a bed.

So there I was, a little shook as I read the comments discussing the sex tape. It wasn’t the age gap nor sex position that got me shook, but the overwhelming reactions the video had received. It was a bit unnatural being that the growing number of witnesses of the video seemed quite unperturbed about the gruesome blueprint of the video. Think about it; a head teacher decided to have sex with his ‘schoolgirl’ on a kitchen stool while filming on tape. How is this even not enough to make Ghanaians angry? Instead, as many as those comments came, they were all jokes and heavy promotion of a piece of wood. Not a single comment expressed any sort of anger so the question here is how did we get here?

The unavoidable logical conclusion that came to mind was that perhaps Ghanaians were just really over constantly complaining about issues of this nature without getting any real results. We know the stories from the Captain Mahama ghastly murder right down to the Rashida Black Beauty ‘melanin downloading’ housefly leaked video. Even Patapaa’s making of ‘One Corner’ was an issue that never really got addressed properly because Ghanaians were busy having ‘fun’. The oversimplication of complex issues by Ghanaians is a direct reflection of our psyche and if this is not enough to get our leaders to strengthen our institutions to reinstate and inspire hope, I doubt anything else would.

While the sexual intercourse in itself may not have been an issue because of the age factor, the academic relationship shared between the two individuals made a clear issue of the intercourse. For those still wondering what really is on trial here, hold my coffee. Before this case gets dragged until Ghanaians forget about it, let me just chip in for ease of reference, the July 2008 Presentation to the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service (GES) re the RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT FOR TEACHERS IN GHANA. It is emphatically stated in this document under Sexual Conduct that no teacher, in this case head teacher, shall directly or indirectly do anything that may constitute sexual harassment of a pupil/ student. It further stated that any teacher who has carnal knowledge of any female or male pupil/ student of any AGE, with or without his or consent, shall be guilty of professional misconduct. This is what is on trial, and with this July 2008 Presentation still in existence, one would have expected that this head teacher wouldn’t even be offered the agony of a trial which could potentially have him walk Scot free if he were to present a good case. Nevertheless, this is not an attempt to make the young lady the victim, but being the student and seemingly the ‘exploited’ party some sort of therapy is preferably a good path to pursue but any punishment whatsoever metered out to her would not be justified.

So there! About that wraps it all up. At this point my headache couldn’t be ignored any longer so I needed to take something stronger than the remaining half of my coffee which had already grown cold after sitting all through the morning’s events.  When next I read this I hope that it would be out of joy for getting a student mounting sex offender into jail ultimately. Not an amusing joke, but that prediction could put a smile on the faces of Ghanaians  even 17 years later after it goes live.

Till the next time, be the change you want to see. Hey, write your own story!!!

AUTHOR: Maurice Boye


Forbes Africa’s newly appointed Head of Digital Media and Partnerships/Correspondent West Africa, Peace Hyde was featured on CNN African voices as a leading change maker and a successful media maven.

Peace Hyde, who is also the founder of education not for profit, Aim Higher Africa which, has created over 500 grassroots businesses all over Africa.

She shared her inspirational story from the classroom in the United Kingdom to being one of the most celebrated and respected women in media both at home in Ghana and beyond.

Besides hosting the hit flagship Forbes Africa TV shows, My Worst Day and Against The Odds with Peace Hyde, which interviews some of the most powerful men and women on the continent on the Pan African business platform CNBC Africa, Hyde also makes time to consistently inspire and empower younger millennials to strive to achieve their fullest potential through mentorship programs.


Watch full video 



Franchie Bright, a renowned model , activist, noted for several shows and a lot of nominations across the country spark in a new campaign dubbed Tie in the Market.

A trendy place in fashion nowadays has become a getaway to a different side in fashion.
You all know that the market is a place where buying and selling takes place but do you know is Am avenue to showcase a different side of fashion for editorial.

Yes it is!
Yes it is!

These pictures depicts him dressed in a suit while engages the market women.These market women includes a plantain seller, ripe plantain roaster, grains sellers and others.

It is not an everyday thing to see someone dressed in a suit and having an engagement with market women. This is what Franchie Bright tells in the story.

You can follow him on his social media handles
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Snapchat – Franchie_Bright
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