Aaron Adatsi and baby mama Eyram are everything adorable when it comes to serving couple styles.

Not long ago the Yolo actor was all over social media for having a child out of wedlock with the lovely style girl Eyram because he preached to the youth abstinence before marriage.

Well, all those negative energy from people on social media is not stopping the yet be couples from dazzling in awesome couple styles which they both share on their social media platforms.

Eyram hasn’t lost her style girl charm even after childbirth and doing it now with one of the coolest man in Ghana is a game changer.

Indeed love is beautiful when you find it with the right person and these photos from Aaron Adatsi and Eyram proves it true. Check them out and let’s know your favorite look from them.

 I was talking to Sarah aka “Priceless babe” as she’s popularly known and she was complaining bitterly about how Tunde her boyfriend of 5 yrs wouldn’t just write epistles about her on her birthday, even though he was all lovey and sweet with his comment on her page, she still wasn’t satisfied that he posted her picture on his page but didn’t write her an epistle and all the whats-not.Surely if he loved me, he would shout it from the rooftops of the inter-webs” she said. This really got me wondering and thinking if she actually wants a show off or she wants a relationship.

Social media has become the biggest online city in the world and virtually everyone lives in that city from Facebook, twitter, Instagram and even whatsapp. Regardless the age or profession you are active or averagely active on one of this platforms. In this online City you can be whoever you desire.

Social media over the years has been the beginning of some relationships as many men this days slides into DMs and ignite the spark from there, and a relationship is birthed, while this is happening though sadly many other relationships have come to their end as a result of many mishaps that occurs as a result of couples living their relationships for show while others compare their relationship with that of other couples on social media. Forgetting that some of this fairy tale relationships online are just make beliefs most time. Remember you can be anything you want in this city.

“Surely if he loved me, he would shout it from the rooftops of the interwebs.”

I’ve envied the relationships I’ve seen online—you know, the really sentimental ones, where partners write long, heartfelt statuses about each other. But in reality, the couples who write those gushingly romantic posts might be, at best, trying to make up after a bad fight or construct a reality that portrays their desired relationship, rather than their real one. At worst, they might be victims of territorial controlling partners.

A good amount of tech-related conflicts happen in relationships: 42 percent report being distracted by their phones, 18 percent argue about the amount of time spent online, and 8 percent have conflicts due to what a partner does online.

My candid advice for couples is never to compare their lives with others. Don’t live for the gram (Instagram) and pay attention to the realities of your relationship rather than juxtapose it with others especially on social media. Give your partner optimum attention when you are together, forget about the online city for a bit and give room for interaction and communication.