Pulling off Afro hair style with African print can sometimes be tacky, but Instagram style girl Imani Evans, seems to be all up in her style game.
Whatever the style or the occasion you’re guaranteed to see Imani Evans, looking ravishing in her Afro and African print outfits. She is really building a brand with her Afro hair.
See some of her best African print fashion moments in the photos below;
To have a dyed blonde hair seems to be a problem for most black women, not because they are against it but because of its complications with it comes to dressing to look good in it, but socialite, stylist and photo model Lharley has recently proved to us that blonde colored hair is no limitation to dressing to impress and also definitely not in African print outfits.
Lharley just keeps blowing minds and wowing eyes in different amazing African print styles with a neatly dyed short blonde hair. She never cease to impress us with her stylish haircuts and looks.
See more looks below:

The ‘Life is Beautiful’ collection encapsulates the vibrancy of life in the city of Accra, reflected in the joyful, exuberance of its people, enjoying life in the city.

Creative director, Janet Oddoye takes us on a journey with her collection, creating beautiful, timeless handbags that inject joy into the lives of women who carry them.

The ‘Life is Beautiful’ collection comes in an array of day and evening handbags in earthy colours, mono-chromatic mixes and distinct check patterns.   The limited edition ‘Yaa’ handbag with it’s dark brown wooden handles create an ethnic feel, whilst the ‘Ama’ shoulder bag in seasonal mono-chromatic colours and limited edition mixes with a detachable, luxurious, double gold or silver chain is perfect for day to evening wear. Each handbag is adorned with a signature, metal name badge and dog-tag, authenticating it.

Adubea Jensen is a socially responsible brand that taps into Ghanaian heritage beading craftsmanship to create intricate, beaded handbags to suit every demographic.  Each handbag is uniquely made using tiny beads which are woven together to form exquisite one-of-a-kind bead bags. The process is 100% handmade and a bag can take up to 50 hours to make. Their beautiful craftsmanship and limited availability make owning an Adubea Jensen an irresistible must-have.


Adubea Jensen, sourced in Africa, manufactured in Africa, exported from Africa.  Adubea Jensen; Changing lives one bead at a time.

Adubea Jensen Shop, 4th Soula St, North Labone Ave, Labone, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 233358788

Phone: +233 206358788

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.adubeajensen.com

Facebook: Adubea Jensen

Instagram: @adubeajensen

Twitter: @adubeajensen

Location: La Villa Boutique Hotel & Level 8

Costume: Gorjiors & Ćharlotte Privé

Photography: FranklinGyanjr

Models: mspomaah & misjulee

MUA:  Pinkyfabmakeup

Styling: @dharren

If you are always on Instagram, then you may have come across photo or two of this mother and  beautiful baby daughter twinning mostly in African print designed outfits and we just had to agree they are so adorable and cute.
The mother is a founder of a swimwear clothing brand and hails from Guinea Bissau. Her name is ‘Ola Jarel’ and her daughter is ‘Ashia Katharina Victoria’. They are such a beautiful duo to watch and their love for African print designed clothes is absolutely amazing.
Check out some of the best photos of the two:


Royal blue is a very pretty color, which when properly designed into a dress, becomes even more so pretty and makes anyone who wears it become the envy of all. It looks like our female celebrities have been let in on this secret and definitely won’t let it pass them by without serving some hot and stylish looks in royal blue.
Here are the hottest looks of royal blue served by the celebrities recently.


SHE By Bena presents to you OHEMAA, a traditional collection suited for the modern woman who loves contemporary designs but still feels the urge to remain connected to her traditional culture. The collection is cut from the true original Akan cloth, Kente, focusing on the rich and vibrant hues that make the cloth a symbol of social prestige, nobility and cultural sophistication. A collection truly befitting a queen ; OHEMAA

Muse: @its_yeeyee

Mua: @lawrebabe

Photography: @phloshop

Fascinator: @traditionsgh

Creative director: @dharren

Kente: @wefts_bt_jay

If you are working or have worked in the fashion industry in any area of design, you know that part of being a successful fashion designer is the ability to clearly present your ideas. As a creative, it can sometimes be difficult to express your concepts in a visual way. You might have an amazing idea, but it’s all in your head until it’s expressed clearly and this is where Debonairafrik’s style lounge comes in to help you figure out how you can express your vision in such a way that others will get behind your ideas.

Debonair Afrik over the weekend presented its annual fashion packed event Style Lounge 2018 with their theme being “redefining style, innovation and panache in African fashion industry” The 3-day fashion event began on the 29th June 2018 with the Influencers Night at The Shop, Osu, which gave the perfect opportunity for networking with top brands, influencers and media personnels in the fashion industry while being entertained with good music and cocktails.

The 2nd day, on the 30th June at the Impact Hub, Osu, Accra was the Style Lounge fashion workshop which was very educative, informative and business oriented. The style lounge 2018 fashion workshop featured top speakers like: Robert Carl Nuacoo Nunoo, A business and communication strategist, Empress Jamila, The CEO of Empress Jamila Ltd, Aisha Ayensu, The Creative Director of Christie Brown, Jessica Naa Adjeley Konney, A renowned fashion blogger and social media manager.

The 3rd and final day was the style lounge 2018 fashion presentation which was nothing short of creativity, style, amazing talents, stunning collections from both upcoming and renowned designers. The talented designers gave the audience everything from glam, chic, femininity, pop colors, a taste whimsical, exquisite detailing and masculinity. If you are one for drama or art-centric, there is definitely something for you in the collections showcased.

The audience were in awe and kept on their toes as they drooled over all the exquisite designs and styles presented to them.

Style lounge every year keeps getting bigger and better. Although the show started a little late, the set up was awesome, presentation was on point. The models delivered perfectly. Kudos to the Debonairafrik team for putting this great fashion event together, they are definitely causing ripple effect in the Ghana fashion industry.


See more photos on Debonairafrik


See more photos on Debonairafrik


See more photos on Debonairafrik

Photo Credit

Samuel Oke @samieo_

Vine Imagery @vineimagery


According to Creative Director Hafsah Mohammed: 

“We designed this collection with different eye-catching elements from fringes to organza fabrics,making the selection versatile and fitting to one’s preference.

This Eid, we are mixing bygones with the new. We are taking a different approach to the typical abaya by giving it a modern twist, while still capturing the inimitable spirit of the Elora woman – her bold adventurous side.”


We are fortunate to meet Kobby Klein, the sartorial mastermind behind TSUTSUBLEMA. After spending several years in the industry, Kobby has built an impressive resume that includes working with his celebrity clientele, on numerous editorial campaigns and contributing as a fashion expert. Kobby has already become somewhat of a fashion social media guru.

Kobby Klein
For anyone who loves fashion, and in particular, loves to shop, becoming a wardrobe stylist seems like a career fallen straight from heaven. Spending your days shuffling through gorgeous clothes, and playing dress up with gorgeous models doesn’t even remotely sound like an actual job. It sounds like fun. But mind you, becoming a fashion stylist is actually difficult business.
It’s safe to say Kobby Klein (tsutsublema) is an expert in all things fashion, and today we are lucky enough to chat with this awesome stylist to get his thoughts on the industry, and what it takes to make it.
Q: Tell us a bit about your brand and the meaning of the name “Tsutsublema”
Tsutsublema means olden days or back in the days, the word  is derived from the Ga language, a tribe from Ghana, West Africa.  The Tsutsublema brand basically aims to revive the olden days fashion and style in today’s fashion world.
 Q: Who is behind tsutsublema?

Kobby Klein, a vintage and art lover, a photo model and fashionista.

Kobby Klein
Q: How was the start up of your business (brand) and how long has it been in existence? 
Styling has always been a part of me. From the get go, I used to give remarks on what people wear and then at some point I felt I knew it all when it comes to fashion.
Officially, the brand has been in existence since October 2016, thus 17 months. Nonetheless, I have been styling years before that.
Q: When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career as a stylist? 
I was motivated by few photographers due to my creativity on set  as a photo model. This was around 2010.
Q: Who or which things inspire your styles?
I get inspired by the books I read and few movies I watch. I typically watch old or historical movies  and Oh  my family’s old photo gallery as well.
 Q: How do u feel when your see your creations on social media and on other platforms? 
That feeling is intriguing. Imagine seeing your works on magazines, billboards, TV and other places across the world. It’s such an amazing feeling and so far and I give thanks to God.
q: Where do you see yourself five years from now? 
To be recognized globally and be the  first to be mentioned when  it comes to vintage and art.
Q: Any Achievements? 
 Yes, couple of achievements. I got featured in Berlin Times magazine, Editorial for Nataal media South Africa, , music videos, just to mention a few.
Q: What are the three hard to spot pitfalls that are critical to avoid in your field?
  1. Not everybody is your target audience.
  2. Avoid people who discourage you.
  3. Never loose focus.
Q: Looking out 5 to 10 years, what do you think will be the next big change in your industry In Ghana? 
Styling Awards to reward and acknowledge works from all stylists across Ghana.
Q: What are the ‘3’ things you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your darkest hour?
  1.  Don’t give up yet, you are almost there. 
  2.  Forget about money for now and do it for the love. 
  3.  Believe in God and believe in yourself.  
Q: How long were you running the business before you started paying yourself? 
About 2 years. Let me say it was the “pro bono” season in styling. lol.
Q: What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
It plays a very significant role. Especially when you have a lot of friends who share common or mutual fashion goals
Q: How do you stay updated with fashion?  
Attending and watching fashion shows, magazines, the internet, movies and most importantly, social media.
Q: Do you have any advice for the upcoming ones hoping to make it in the industry?
It’s an open career for anyone who is interested as long as they has passion for it. Whether young or  the old. 
Facebook: @tsutsublema
Instagram: @tsutsublema

Stephanie Linus (Okereke), Nollywood actress attended the launch of the new luxury range collection few days ago as she has been a vlisco ambassador for a few years.

Vlisco for over 170 years, has created more than 350,000 original textile designs. Many of these designs have become cultural treasures, bestowed with special names and meanings by the merchants of Central and West Africa.

For the event, Stephanie Linus showed off her fab style in a vlisco print dress and jacket designed by Trish O. Couture. Stephanie nailed the dress effortlessly.

See more photos below.