It has been days since America’s new president Joe Biden’s inauguration, which was memorable. Aside how graceful the ceremony was, one thing that people were crazily obsessed with was President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama’s style goals at the inauguration.

The couple style goals at the ceremony was insanely admired by many especially Michelle Obama’s and even lead to some style people doing something similar of her style at the inauguration.

She wore a Sergio Hudson look which entailed a coat matching along with a sweater-pants combination in a burgundy color and waist belt and her husband wore a suave black long jacket on top of his white shirt and black trousers.

These kids can not be left out the internet glory of the style challenge of the couples at the inauguration as they also pose in their own imitation of the couples style as President Obama and Michelle Obama at Joe Biden’s inauguration. So far these adorable kids have won the challenge according to the internet. Their parents did an awesome job.

Check the photos below and you will agree with me flatly.


Author: Titus Doku

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