Revo is an artist coming out from the tropical regional capital, Ho. The 25 year old rapper is noted for his ability to execute a perfect 16 bar verse with creativity and finesse. Premiering his first single after his maiden mix tape project “Body&Ego” is a song titled “PEACE”

We had a chat with the rising act so he can throw more light on his works.

Lyfe Republic: Why did you choose hip hop in an afro beat dominated region?

Revo: First of all I have to say that I didn’t choose this genre but instead it chose me because naturally this is what I do best and I do it with my heart. Also hip hop has been in the background for a long time now and it has now come to light or about to but either ways you can be assured that it will be here for a long time

LR: What do you expect to achieve with your music?

Revo: To inspire every soul who has ever doubted themselves, people who are confused about reality, people looking for answers, everyone who is on a quest for greatness. I want to be part of it all and most importantly anyone who is on the same wave length as my vibe.

LR: What do you make of the Hip hop scene in Ghana and do you have any favorites?

Revo: Ghanaian Hip hop is something like wine because it has come to be better over the years but as much as I listen to Ghanaian made hip hop, my favorite will have to be myself because ain’t no other rapper who can artistically arrange verbs and nouns rhythmically while blending in multiple figures of speech to make sense and most importantly to fit a subject matter.

LR: Let’s talk about your first mix tape project “Body and Ego” can you tell us what inspired the creative process?

Revo: The ideology behind Body and Ego was about how we tend to feed the physical desires of our lives more than the spiritual side. I think human beings need balance between reality and all the surreal shit that goes on sometimes.

LR: Are you currently signed to any record label?

Revo: Yes I am. Matter of fact look out for Guerrillas Music. We got some mad stuff coming.

LR: You dropping your new single “Peace” on the 12th of October tell us about it.

Revo: Peace is an amazing song I did with an amazing artist. It’s just about hope and love. I would love to hear all the comments, complaints and feedback so hit me on Twitter: @revothagod, Instagram: @revothagod, Facebook: Revo Music, Peace.

Links to Revo’s Soundcloud and YouTube accounts:

Soundcloud:  https://m.soundcloud.com/revoofficial


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