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Most a times,we perceive women who marry men who are many years older than them with different notions. Well,you may not be all that right. Here are some reasons why some prefer the older men for marriage.
1.Maturity:older men are mature and can handle them better than the younger ones in terms of understanding them.
2.Cheating-free marriage:Older men don’t often cheat on their wives as compared to the younger men.And every woman’s dream is for her husband to love her alone.
3.Security:Women always love to be protected and feel secured with whoever they’re
with.Older men make women secured in providing them their needs so that they don’t lack.
4.Trend sake:Many young men marry not because they’re really ready for marriage but want to follow fashion of marrying at a young age and for the glamour of weddings of late,which makes them not be good husbands.
5.Bad fatherhood: Most young men are terrified when babies begin to show up in the marriage,they then begin to fight for attention with the children from their wives and don’t have knowledge on how to bring up children in the conducive way.
Now are your doubts is cleared?
AUTHOR: TT DOKU (@ttdhoku)

Author: Toney Tengey

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