Ladies, I know it’s sometimes tempting to just lay on the sofa and wolf down an entire pizza, watch TV, daydream and sleep over and over instead of hitting the gym and doing something productive with your lives (I know because I have been there too) but we all know that isn’t a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, so darling you need to pick yourself up and break a sweat. Healthy living isn’t all about following a strict regimen however, it’s also about knowing your body and mind as well as practicing a routine that is easy to maintain and energizing. Below are 5 simple ways to energize your lifestyle as a woman.

Don’t I repeat don’t let your thoughts become your reality. When you start feeling overwhelmed, adopt a strategy I call ‘stop’ because once you start thinking about the negatives, it becomes your reality. Try playing your favorite piece of song or recall a happy experience. Reframe your mindset. For example when your spouse says “we need to talk” instead of fearing the worst, you should think of something more positive. Keep in mind, the aim is to lose the stress. Don’t live for others’ expectations. Alas, too many of us try to please parents, colleagues, a spouse and or even bosses. Stop it now! Aim to achieve what you want. I personally think no one can ever please anyone, for no matter what one does, someone would find a fault.

Last but not the least be mindful of who you spend time with. Don’t hang with people who are constantly complaining about everything instead hang about with people who give you positive vibes and good emotions.

Always eat before you starve to avoid overeating, try as much as possible to always eat clean (less junk food) and keep it balance but of course once in a while you can indulge yourself just to stay sane (LOL). For those who do the late night eating please put a stop to it. I have a beautiful and lustrous skin because I drink a lot of water, they say water is life and there is no doubt that is true so be sure to drink enough water every day. It keeps the body awake.

I am not the type that goes to the gym regularly but am an active person and enjoys different kinds of physical activity, like dance, yoga and leisure walks. If you are not one for the gym just like me, you could take up walking, dancing and practice some yoga poses right in the comfort of your room. Yoga however is more than physical exercise; it has a meditative and spiritual core and I find it soothing to the soul and mind. If you are a ‘gymthusiasts’ keep a workout diary, you just have to record the date, what type of exercise you did, and for how long. Remember, have goals that are simple and realistic. If you haven’t been doing much exercise for the past year or more, just don’t pick a goal like running a marathon. First try to see how your body responds to working out three times a week.

Sometimes to feel good about yourself, you need to reinvent yourself. Makeover! Do something new to your hair, I recently had a haircut and I feel more confident, edgy and even sexier than I felt before. Change your wardrobe if you can afford it….. Go on a shopping spree and spend some money on yourself, you deserve it girl. Go for something chic, colorful; daring and sexy but not trashy. Figure hugging clothes will bring out all those curves you been hiding, trust me at that moment, you will appreciate hitting the gym or taking up some physical activities. Change your routine. Change your look.
You are allowed to change your mind. Mix it up ladies and step out in style and class. I strongly feel that positive self-encouragement also boost your confidence. Look in the mirror and practicing affirmations every morning, celebrate your body inside and out and tell yourself you are ‘THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’

Don’t dwell in the past; you need to keep moving forward. Time waits for no man. If you are a gossip, stop it now and channel your energy into something positive and fruitful. Be sure to be getting enough sleep. Have a positive attitude towards life no matter the number of times it beats you down. You can cry like a baby if you want but you need to get off that pretty butt like the strong woman you are and deal with it, remember this, life is how you make it and believe you me, no one is going to take care of you forever and or make you happy, it’s all you girl, it’s all you!

“It’s not about how long you live; it’s about how well you live”


Author: Toney Tengey

This is Toney Tengey. Blogger and the Editor in Chief of LyfeRepublic.com Thrives on fast-paced environments and has a high-energy personality. Toney shares ideas and information working relentlessly to provide accurate content. Her experience with blogging has taught her the importance of being thorough, always emphasizing quality content. Enjoy!  


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