If you’re a lover of chocolate you would have notice that most people consume milk chocolate more  than dark chocolate and to compare sweetness most of us would go for  milk chocolate.

These five facts about dark chocolate will make you consider it especially if you want to be healthier.

1.The higher the percentage of cocoa in dark chocolate the more the benefits. Dark chocolate of high cocoa percentage contains a lot of strong antioxidants more than most foods.

2.Dark chocolate improves blood flow and may  reduce blood pressure as it has elements which helps produce nitric oxide which relaxes the arteries.

3.Consuming dark chocolate reduces the risk you getting heart disease.

4.The flavanols in dark chocolate as proven by study can protect your skin against the sun damage as it increases blood flow to the skin

5.It improves brain function as it increases blood flow to the brain and improves verbal fluency. It  improves the functions of the brain of  elderly people with mental impairment.

Take note that taking too much of it is not healthy. Two squares of dark chocolate and a bottle of red wine can make your day less stressful and healthier.


Author: Titus Doku

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