In this era of ours where photos play a key role in our social lives.We can’t go unconcern with the photos we put out for display. Lets get some simple ways we can kill the shots we take.
Firstly of all, you must know that photos are not only about the person in it but also the background. If you didn’t know now you can reflect on it, all the good photos you see have great backgrounds.You can wear the most beautiful outfit and have the best grooming but without a qualifying background, you can’t kill that photo.
If you want to get a wow photo, then you’ve got to forget your problem, because when you’re stressed, that is exactly what is seen in the photo and  no one likes to look at such photos. Before you take a photo,try your possible best to relax. Also drink plenty of water. It does work.
Practice has always made one perfect. So if your goal is to  have a wow photo,then your mirror is your companion in achieving it. Stand in front of the mirror and try all poses and you will surely  find the one pose that works for you.It also builds your self confidence which makes it easy to have that wow  photo.
Lastly,when taking a photo don’t be static,move and be playful and have fun. Don’t forget the best shot will be selected after so don’t bother over which pose  to give which makes the whole experience boring and time consuming and also try to be interactive with the photographer.
AUTHOR: TT DOKU (@ttdhoku)

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