Yes! we are in the new year and you’ve still not figure out the right products  for which to make your skin look it’s best? Then relax, here are 4 natural and cheap but effective products that will give your skin that glow
 1.African black soap: Whether you’re fair or dark and you want that glowing and flawless skin to enjoy to Christmas,use African black  soap(alata) and thank me later. African black soap is an all natural beauty soap which gives your skin a delectable and fresh feel. It is also very affordable.
African black soap
2.Shea butter: Never underestimate the power of Shea butter, it works magic on all types of skin and also very suitable to use in the harmattan season because it leaves your skin moisturized, glowy and protects it against eczema and skin dryness . It can also be used for the lips and palm for a softer feel.
shea butter

3.Water: You probably didn’t know water is a skin product. Besides water washing toxins from the body system it also plays an effective role for a healthier looking skin. If you have an oily skin wash your face with water to keep your face fresh and rejuvenated instead of these chemical infused face cleansers. And oh be sure to drink enough water everyday!  Don’t blame me if you get addicted.

4.Naps: True, you need get some work done but you also need that sultry and beautiful skin too. Least you forget, rest is very pivotal for radiant skin. Whenever work is off your hand take a nap. 15 minutes is not bad, it helps and your skin needs it.
 Don’t forget skin your speaks a lot about you. So dedicate your time to this 4 wonderful and natural skin beauty routine and you won’t look back.



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