Colors play major roles in our lives, especially the color of clothes we wear represent our feelings. Yellow is that color which stand for richness of the soul, body and mind. It’s a glowing color which adds confidence and rejuvenates your looks.
This hot color enlightens your mood due to it’s brightness, it also influences people to be jolly around you. So the next time you want to release someone of stress, dress in yellow and thank me later.
Below are some yellow style inspirations to rock.


The royal wedding which took place few months ago, had us seeing popular female attendees rock different amazing headpieces and that trend has now catch fire here with us. If you follow fashion closely in Ghana, then you would have realized how headpieces are adding extra statements to the looks of style icons and fashionable women here in Ghana of late.
From the covers of magazines, red carpet and  social events, these fashionable women are spotted looking striking and elegant in fabulous headpieces. These headpieces are the latest fashion trend you must add to your style.
See photos of celebrities and other fashionable women rocking them.


If you are always on Instagram, then you may have come across photo or two of this mother and  beautiful baby daughter twinning mostly in African print designed outfits and we just had to agree they are so adorable and cute.
The mother is a founder of a swimwear clothing brand and hails from Guinea Bissau. Her name is ‘Ola Jarel’ and her daughter is ‘Ashia Katharina Victoria’. They are such a beautiful duo to watch and their love for African print designed clothes is absolutely amazing.
Check out some of the best photos of the two:


Ghanaian top female musician Efya had been serving us some African goddess looks lately, from her performances, to her music videos, photo shoots and events.
If you were wondering how she’s able to come up with these statement looks, then you are in luck as we have got that information for you. It’s has been from her stylist one of Ghana’s renowned celebrity stylist, Kelvin Cent @kelvincentgh and a celebrity clothing brand called Yartel, @yartelgh noted for providing outfits for top notch celebrities like Samira Bawumia, Joselyn Dumas, Becca and many others. These duo are the magic behind all her recent stunning and goddess inspired looks.
See all the looks of Efya looking like a breath of fresh air below:


Efia Odo, Ghanaian TV presenter and actress did a bridal a bridal shoot for Megmorrisondesign’s bridal collection this year and she had on a grey wig which blended nicely with the three bridal outfits she wore. Efia is known to change her hair color quite frequently, which I suppose didn’t make people think the grey hair was weird for a bridal shot.
But in fact, she really nailed the looks with the grey hair, especially with the Kente outfit . The grey  hair gave the Kente style a whole new and fresh look, since lately, kente has been abused by almost every bride in Ghana for  their traditional weddings.
I must say it’s a game changer brides -to -be can emulate to add some more flavor and twist to the normal Kente style as shown by Efia Odo.
NB: People are bound to make you out as weird but unless you are a fan of colored hair, bury your fears and nail your colored hair because style is to stand out.
See all the looks below:
Outfit: @megmorrisondesigns
Hair: @beverleyfrimpong
Photography: @chocolate_shot-it


18th July, 2018 marked the birthday of the stylish and glamorous light skinned babe, Zynnel Zuh, and as she is well known for her impeccable style, she didn’t let her special day go by, without serving some glam and sophisticated looks.
She posted  various pictures of herself wearing four different outfits from some renowned designers here in Ghana.
The looks were as usual, refinished, elegant and chic.
Check them out below:


Outfit: @sima_brew, @laurenhautecoutre, @wendylartisane

Fabric @kejeronfabrics

Headpiece: @urezkulture

Makeup: @aesthetic_makeup

Hair styling: @kushbytaylor

Photography: @oabphotography

Location: @lifestylegalleryafrica_


Royal blue is a very pretty color, which when properly designed into a dress, becomes even more so pretty and makes anyone who wears it become the envy of all. It looks like our female celebrities have been let in on this secret and definitely won’t let it pass them by without serving some hot and stylish looks in royal blue.
Here are the hottest looks of royal blue served by the celebrities recently.


Mss Deee whether dressing for work, the gym or a night out, makes modest fashion look effortless and chic. She creates outfits that you will definitely want to copy. Let’s just say that this chic blogger is in the right pair of heels, and on her way to conquering the world!

Here are 5 times she killed it in gorgeous outfits from her fav designer Yartel @yartelgh

Look to her style blog, mssdeee and you will find all things chic, elegant and sophisticated for the modest and refined woman, helping you achieve a refined work to weekend wardrobe that will leave you feeling effortless for every occasion.

If you are working or have worked in the fashion industry in any area of design, you know that part of being a successful fashion designer is the ability to clearly present your ideas. As a creative, it can sometimes be difficult to express your concepts in a visual way. You might have an amazing idea, but it’s all in your head until it’s expressed clearly and this is where Debonairafrik’s style lounge comes in to help you figure out how you can express your vision in such a way that others will get behind your ideas.

Debonair Afrik over the weekend presented its annual fashion packed event Style Lounge 2018 with their theme being “redefining style, innovation and panache in African fashion industry” The 3-day fashion event began on the 29th June 2018 with the Influencers Night at The Shop, Osu, which gave the perfect opportunity for networking with top brands, influencers and media personnels in the fashion industry while being entertained with good music and cocktails.

The 2nd day, on the 30th June at the Impact Hub, Osu, Accra was the Style Lounge fashion workshop which was very educative, informative and business oriented. The style lounge 2018 fashion workshop featured top speakers like: Robert Carl Nuacoo Nunoo, A business and communication strategist, Empress Jamila, The CEO of Empress Jamila Ltd, Aisha Ayensu, The Creative Director of Christie Brown, Jessica Naa Adjeley Konney, A renowned fashion blogger and social media manager.

The 3rd and final day was the style lounge 2018 fashion presentation which was nothing short of creativity, style, amazing talents, stunning collections from both upcoming and renowned designers. The talented designers gave the audience everything from glam, chic, femininity, pop colors, a taste whimsical, exquisite detailing and masculinity. If you are one for drama or art-centric, there is definitely something for you in the collections showcased.

The audience were in awe and kept on their toes as they drooled over all the exquisite designs and styles presented to them.

Style lounge every year keeps getting bigger and better. Although the show started a little late, the set up was awesome, presentation was on point. The models delivered perfectly. Kudos to the Debonairafrik team for putting this great fashion event together, they are definitely causing ripple effect in the Ghana fashion industry.


See more photos on Debonairafrik


See more photos on Debonairafrik


See more photos on Debonairafrik

Photo Credit

Samuel Oke @samieo_

Vine Imagery @vineimagery


Dressing has come a long way than wearing trendy stuffs or the popular brands. When you dress according to trend, then you are in fashion. And no matter how fashionable you are, when you turn up in public, you don’t leave a lasting impression with what you are wearing.  So if you want your style of dressing to be more than what is trending and common to everyone, these are the four clues you need.
1. Dressing is freedom: What society doesn’t want to see is a naked person, so sometimes you need to break the rules to come out of the ordinary everyday fashion. Besides, laws are made by people and can be changed as well by people.
2. No one is a judge: If you are turning up for an event or going out. The people you see are not judges to give a verdict on how you are looking. So clear your conscience of what people may say and rock your style in confidence. That’s the only way to be more trendy.
3.Take the risk: We live in a society and thereof whatever we do arouses people views. And since your style of dressing will not conform the everyday fashion, be prepared for any reactions you face from others. Not saying that the reactions are going to be negative, but for the want of trending than what’s trending, you must be a risk taker.
4. Consistency: Don’t be a loser who quits before the race is done. If you want trending with your style, you need to be persistent in creating that mark. Sometimes it’s works the eleventh time.