The first impression you get on him when you see him is that he is creative and stylish. Wesley Kesse is a hell of a multi talented person. He is a cook, a presenter , a model and an actor. And  it is amazing how excellent he is at all these.

Not to leave out that his ability to crack your ribs with his tick tok videos. You will never regret spending your time on his tick tok account, he will lighten your mood with his contents.


His sense of style is another attribute worth lauding. He makes his dark skin envious with flattering colors in his choice of style.

Wesley Kesse is a stunner in Kaftans and he rocks them exceptionally well. And these photos are evidence to that, see them below.


I first visited the site because a friend of mine had sent me the link and insisted that I check it out and so I did and oh mine, I was first of all, blown away by the design and style of the website, it’s not your common website believe you me. I proceeded to the gift section, they have something for  everyone with a wide section of categories from couples to kids to kitchen/barware to confections to scents and fragrances and many others. You owe it to yourself to shop here if you’re in the market for unique and quality gift-able items.


Lotus Gallery is a locally owned lifestyle gift boutique in Accra, Ghana by a very hardworking, buoyant and resilient lady, Mrs. Seraphina Tetteh-Fio. This online gift shop is actually Ghana’s only online gift and hamper shop which features well selected gift ideas for your loved ones, they also render customized printing services as well as wrapping services.

The holiday season is almost upon us and it’s time to show loved ones how well you know them, what they value and appreciate, the bond of family, the beauty of romance and the joy of friendship. How deep is your love?

Perhaps you’re not a great gift giver or you love giving gifts but have no idea how to go about it? Don’t stress, Lotus Gallery is got you covered. Experts and professionals will aid you select the best gift combinations to convey your exact message and even more no matter the occasion. Lotus Gallery gifts are picked as a personified embodiment of your thoughts at unbeatable prices.

You may ask, why LOTUS GALLERY? And these are the simple answers:

1. At Lotus Gallery only authentic products are sold. They offer a wide selected range of quality gift items and home accents to fit their clients’ personal style and taste at comparative prices. You are guaranteed to always get your money’s worth.

2. Free delivery within Ghana when you purchase anything from GHC 500 and above. They also offer delivery services within Ghana and beyond. If you prefer a local pick up too, you can do so at their office located in East Legon.


3. One of the many interesting features on the site is the PERSONALIZE PAGE where you can add your personal touches like pictures, quotes, texts, emoji to gifts such as frames, mugs, plates etc. You do all these yourself online on the site just the way you want it. I ordered for a frame with my picture and it was such a delight. It was nicely done and just within few hours, I had my personalized frame.

4. Lotus Gallery has a safe and secure payment system online where you can either pay for items and services with mobile money (Vodafone cash, MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Cash, Airtel Cash), Pay into their bank account or with your visa or master card.

5. At Lotus Gallery, no query or request is too small or too much for their dedicated team to tackle.

Why stress? Why walk long distances, when you can express your feelings and warm thoughts with just a click of a button? Shop their wide selected gifts, hampers and personalized items to find something you will be proud to give at www.lotusgallery.com.gh


Website: www.lotusgallery.com.gh

Instagram: @lotusgallerygh

Twitter: @lotusgallerygh

Facebook: Lotus Gallery

Tel: +233 302 950 158

Whatsapp: +233 207705030

The journey to recovering from a burn injury very often comes with doubt, discouragements, hard questions, and physical and emotional pain.

Kay Obum is a Nigerian burn survivor whose life after an unfortunate accident changed at the age of 10 and suffered 3rd degree burns that had him bed-ridden for a whole through no fault of his own. However Kay despite all these pains and suffering, with the love of his mother, faith in God is more stronger and confident than ever. He wears his scars proudly and knows that his scars dont define him.

We have never met anyone as confident and strong as Obum and so we were glad when we had the opportunity to interview him and share his story with you. Read on to find to out Kay Obum’s inspirational story.

Q: Tell us your story. What happened to you?

When I was 9 years I had a life changing accident, home accident, kerosene lamp explosion that landed me in the hospital with 3rd degree fire burns and had to be discharged after a year plus.

Q: How has the experience changed your life?

In a very drastic way, I was such a cute, outspoken, smart, and young son but I changed physically and also  lost friends though I don’t judge them, we were still young then and I looked different from the class mate that knew.

Q: Have you experienced any stigmatization?

Yes I have in so many levels, when I was small going to DMGS my peers then didn’t like selecting me in playing a ball called “monkey post” they might have reasons, I don’t judge, the bus conductors used to tell me that the bus was filled up just to go down to carry someone close to me. The world needs some one perfect but I wasn’t.

Q: Why do you think you were saved?

I was saved by the prayers of my family, friends, churches etc. But God saved me by his grace.

Q: Employment After burn injury. Tell us about that

Well am a degree holder in psychology unizik, I have a diploma in computer science and infotec, I have worked for few computer centers and also a writer for some firms I can’t disclose, lastly I have written lots of articles on my blog, Facebook page, IG , whatsapp and I have talked to lots of people online and offline.

Well work is not easy am just looking for someone that will employ me because am valuable asset lastly my big hit (THE STORY OF MY LIFE) will be coming soon am still writing it.

Q: What’s your profession?

Am a psychologist

Q: Who or what kept you going?

What keeps me going, I had a flair to live, I have had my fair share of depression so I motivated myself to survive, I was rejected so many times but God didn’t so am here to return his glory to him. He saved me.

Q: How did you feel back then when it happened?

I was a baby I couldn’t explain my feelings, but I had the zeal and energy to move on.

Q: And how do you feel now?

I feel good, I cry sometimes because am human but I am grateful to God.

Q: If you could have gone back in time what would you have liked to change?

I wouldn’t change anything.

Q: What do you do for fun?

I go on a long drive, sleep, chat, counsel people and finally I love to eat junk.

Q: Anything you would like to share or advice for other burn survivors?

Yes I would love to meet them one on one and share a hug, call me on facetime, imo, whatsapp, messenger lets hang out we deserve to stay alive for being survivors, mail me as well [email protected] +2347031810349.

Follow Kay on his social media with his handles and also feel free reach out to him anytime. Kindly leave a comment in the comment section below

We are fortunate to meet Kobby Klein, the sartorial mastermind behind TSUTSUBLEMA. After spending several years in the industry, Kobby has built an impressive resume that includes working with his celebrity clientele, on numerous editorial campaigns and contributing as a fashion expert. Kobby has already become somewhat of a fashion social media guru.

Kobby Klein

For anyone who loves fashion, and in particular, loves to shop, becoming a wardrobe stylist seems like a career fallen straight from heaven. Spending your days shuffling through gorgeous clothes, and playing dress up with gorgeous models doesn’t even remotely sound like an actual job. It sounds like fun. But mind you, becoming a fashion stylist is actually difficult business.
It’s safe to say Kobby Klein (tsutsublema) is an expert in all things fashion, and today we are lucky enough to chat with this awesome stylist to get his thoughts on the industry, and what it takes to make it.
Q: Tell us a bit about your brand and the meaning of the name “Tsutsublema”
Tsutsublema means olden days or back in the days, the word  is derived from the Ga language, a tribe from Ghana, West Africa.  The Tsutsublema brand basically aims to revive the olden days fashion and style in today’s fashion world.
 Q: Who is behind tsutsublema?

Kobby Klein, a vintage and art lover, a photo model and fashionista.

Kobby Klein

Q: How was the start up of your business (brand) and how long has it been in existence? 
Styling has always been a part of me. From the get go, I used to give remarks on what people wear and then at some point I felt I knew it all when it comes to fashion.
Officially, the brand has been in existence since October 2016, thus 17 months. Nonetheless, I have been styling years before that.
Q: When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career as a stylist? 
I was motivated by few photographers due to my creativity on set  as a photo model. This was around 2010.
Q: Who or which things inspire your styles?
I get inspired by the books I read and few movies I watch. I typically watch old or historical movies  and Oh  my family’s old photo gallery as well.
 Q: How do u feel when your see your creations on social media and on other platforms? 
That feeling is intriguing. Imagine seeing your works on magazines, billboards, TV and other places across the world. It’s such an amazing feeling and so far and I give thanks to God.
q: Where do you see yourself five years from now? 
To be recognized globally and be the  first to be mentioned when  it comes to vintage and art.
Q: Any Achievements? 
 Yes, couple of achievements. I got featured in Berlin Times magazine, Editorial for Nataal media South Africa, , music videos, just to mention a few.
Q: What are the three hard to spot pitfalls that are critical to avoid in your field?
  1. Not everybody is your target audience.
  2. Avoid people who discourage you.
  3. Never loose focus.
Q: Looking out 5 to 10 years, what do you think will be the next big change in your industry In Ghana? 
Styling Awards to reward and acknowledge works from all stylists across Ghana.
Q: What are the ‘3’ things you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your darkest hour?
  1.  Don’t give up yet, you are almost there. 
  2.  Forget about money for now and do it for the love. 
  3.  Believe in God and believe in yourself.  
Q: How long were you running the business before you started paying yourself? 
About 2 years. Let me say it was the “pro bono” season in styling. lol.
Q: What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
It plays a very significant role. Especially when you have a lot of friends who share common or mutual fashion goals
Q: How do you stay updated with fashion?  
Attending and watching fashion shows, magazines, the internet, movies and most importantly, social media.
Q: Do you have any advice for the upcoming ones hoping to make it in the industry?
It’s an open career for anyone who is interested as long as they has passion for it. Whether young or  the old. 
Facebook: @tsutsublema
Instagram: @tsutsublema

Ever genuinely wondered how, where or when to kick start a career in fashion styling? For you, maybe, you are just looking to satisfy your curiosity about the people behind some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. Either ways, you’re in luck with one.

Hold my beer…..

Team Lyfe republic hooked up with top fashion stylist Prince Boamah Kuleape, and talked about how he got into styling, the workflow, his ambitions, and much more. For the past 5 years, Mr. Boamah has been running the KULAPERRYOUTLOOK (boutique) and for him, working in fashion doesn’t seem like a career choice, but a fate that he just couldn’t resist. With years of professional styling experience, Kula Perry has styled some of our favorite music videos and celebrities. He tells us that his career has been a journey with many lessons learned, attesting to the fact that nothing comes easily.

After enduring Accra’s annoying traffic, the team is finally settling in for a great interview with Kulaperry, the celebrity stylist. He is in high spirits, and we already start throwing questions at him. However, like a typical Ghanaian host, he suspends his answers and offers some good wine.

We accept and take sips, still dying to hear him give us answers already!

Grinning with finesse, he answers the first question.

Q: Tell us a bit about the person or team behind your brand

A: Kulaperry is the person behind FEAR NO MAN. A brand developer, stylist and the lead creator for FEAR NO MAN. Once driven by enthusiasm for the FEAR NO MAN brand and has eagle eye for fashion.

Q: Tell us about your brand (FEAR NO MAN)

A: The FEAR NO MAN clothing line is one of the composites of Kula Perry clothing. Kula Perry clothing is however comprised of three lines, which are fear no man, Royalty and Loyalty.
The FEAR NO MAN clothing line logo portrays a white human face with a red strip across the eyes of the face. The logo represents the African heritage. The color white was chosen for the face because it stands for cleanliness and purity while the red color for the strip represents the toil, hustle and struggle of Africans endured in achieving their dreams. The entirety of the logo simply seeks to highlight on the practice of seeing and speaking no evil. FEAR NO MAN is a line that stands as a symbol for people who fear nobody except God.

Q: How was the start up of (fearnoman)

A: The brand was officially launched in 2017 but has been under feasibility study and research for the past 5 years. The brand has a 15 years development plan. The whole idea was carefully planned. Starting with a few tee-shirt which I wore around and that got the attention of the people. Gradually, they wanted it. We had to focus on that and design different merch.

Q: Can u describe briefly how your outfits are made? Are they all made here in Ghana?

A: The designs are based on my personal life experiences with the idea of evicting Fear and inspiring Hope and no they are made outside Ghana, depending on the type of merch.

Q: Why are you in this particular business?

A: Because fashion is a lifestyle and there’s more to it than making money. It changes life

Q: Is it profitable?

A: Yes, so far as it pays me and enables me to help others

Q: How long were you running the business before you started paying yourself?

A: Started paying myself after the first year, because a lot went into marketing and brand positioning.

Q: Where do you see your brand in the nearest future?

A: It will be the biggest household brand worldwide. Rubbing shoulders with Adidas, Supreme, Gucci etc.

Q: What are the three hard to spot pitfalls that are critical to avoid in your field?

A: Avoid loans. Avoid negative energy and avoid imitating other people’s work.

Q: What’s that thing you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your darkest hour?

A: God is able.

Q: What advice do you have for those out there who want to set up their own businesses too

A: First of all ,every young individual hoping to be successful, should believe in God. Do a lot of research into what they want to do

Q: Any special story u want to share?

A: No,but what I would like to share is that, every talented individual should believe in God and keep pushing with passion

Q: How do people reach you if interested in your brand?

A: Anyone can reach me through the following….
Social Media:IG;(@fearnomanclothing/ @kulaperry)

Locate his outlook(s) at Madina Ritz Junction Office, North Kaneshie, adjacent Charter House, Manghin road or contact him on +233244102888/ +233576837911

There is plenty of talent in various fields in Ghana and we are only happy to highlight and promote the rising stars where we can. Kaptin is a young talent who is into visual art photography, with an eye for what makes a great image.

What started off as a hobby in December 2016 has now escalated to a high-end franchise.
The life of Chris Marshall Boakye Jr. popularly known as *KAPTIN*, one of the country’s best young generation photographers is by no means conventional. By turns acerbic, playful, and even absurd creativity which is quite compelling are some of the attributes associated with the young chap.

Having interned with Glitz Africa and Vine Imagery, producing a few memorable covers/visual shots under these reputable brands has helped groom Kaptin in becoming one of the young renowned photographers in Ghana.
Kaptin is a Ghana based photographer and film director who likes to travel and create visual shots. His editorial photography stems from a place of spirit and space. He is methodical about the mood of his works. He gives great thought to overall tones and composition by creating elaborate mood boards for every project he commits to. The presence of raw emotions and feelings is apparent in each piece regardless of the art medium. The brands and people he chooses to work with are more than business partners, they are more like family.

Most of Kaptin’s works are being shot in Ghana but a lot of people actually categorize him as a traveler because of his color grading works which have been published online. Again, he is set to work with “FEAR NO MAN” Clothing owned by Africa’s renowned stylist Kulaperry, who’s currently the best stylist/designer in the fashion and entertainment industry. The partnership with Kulaperry’s *FEAR NO MAN* Clothing is set to be a mind blowing creative visual work.

Secondly, He’s worked in Partnership with Daniks Peters, a Retro – Merchandise Brand which has been on Ghana’s biggest Fashion Event ‘The Glitz Africa Fashion Week’ hosted by Kempinski Hotel in Accra. The Collaboration brought a lot of impressions on the Merchandise brand as well.

Kaptin works with a group of people like @Fondmanic and @kwamekodah who come up with concept for his visual masterpiece shots. He travels with them on photography trips to create amazing visual shots.
One would think that after just 2 years of being in the photography and arts field, Kaptin would still be in his learning stage but this chap has mastered the art of creating mind-boggling masterpieces that targets brands like *Adidas,* *Puma*, *Yeezy*, *Stampd* and a lot of other street wear brands across the globe who are gradually recognizing his works. This undeniably sets him apart from other photographers in Ghana because the unique skills infused into his works makes his pieces very different from other artists in the country.

You can connect with Kaptin and get to see all his visual works on Instagram *@iamkaptin* and his website will soon be out. This Year however, he is preparing for an art photo exhibition to showcase his art pieces so keep your fingers cross and watch out for this young “masterpiece”!

Meet young entrepreneur Mark Lamptey, the CEO of Haunts Shoes, a startup company ran by three purpose driven gentlemen.

About a year ago and counting, Mark and Albert Amanor established Haunts Shoes on the 5th day of November 2016.

Here’s their story.

Mark and Albert had delivered a set of shoes to a customer. After keenly observing the product he had purchased, the customer immediately confessed the shoes were such stunners and of very good quality. Here’s what the customer did next – he decided to invest into Haunts Shoes making him the missing piece of the puzzle. Three hardworking gentlemen pushing hard the agenda of Ghanaian shoe-making excellence.

With as little as Ghc 500, Mark had struck a good deal with a Kumasi based shoemaker. Leaving Accra to Kumasi was very challenging for Mark as he had never traveled that distance on a bus. A five-hour journey that had started at noon prompt, had the young aspiring entrepreneur arrive in Kumasi a tad bit later than expected. Feeling stressed and angry, Mark hopped on a bus taking him to the destination where he finally met his shoemaker.

“Make me shoes worth Ghs500,” Mark requested, feeling proud of the potential money making deal he had successfully closed that fateful day. ‘A dream and a dollar’ – that phrase hit him in so many ways he could not hide his excitement.   

Back on a bus bound for Accra, Mark thought to himself he needed the perfect name synonymous to the ‘Accra to Kumasi to Shoemaker hassle’. Guess what, Haunts Shoes kept ringing in his mind until he had finally accepted it had to be just the right name for his newly found business. After making a good case for his reasons to go with the name Haunts Shoes, Albert Amanor his partner concurred and that is how the name for their business came into existence.

Fast forward to a year later, Mark Lamptey admits business is profitable. Mark projects that with the steady growth Haunts Shoes is currently enjoying, the shoe business would be doing exponential figures in the nearest future.

Following the strategic partnership with Mr. Eric Nasel SELBY, a customer turned partner, the company was officially registered as MEA Haunts Limited which is clearly an upgrade of the Accra to Kumasi to Shoemaker inspired Haunts Shoes name. Mark has also in effect, equipped himself with the requisite technical skills to start producing the company’s shoes. Hence, he calls himself the shoemaker of MEA Haunts Limited.

As partners Mark, Albert and Eric together practice due diligence before producing shoes from MEA Haunts Limited. It spans from the creation of patterns of the shoes through to the availability of leather and equipment for the actual production stage. Once the checklist is done and signed off, the shoes go into full production. The work ethics of these three gentlemen is unmatched and it’s evidential in the final products that go out into the market. And let nobody tell you different, every shoe is produced right here in Ghana.

Two young men set out on a mission to create something iconic. After what seems like both men having achieved that iconic milestone, Mark reiterates that it is indeed not the height of their mission and that the bigger picture for MEA Haunts Limited is now to take the company global. “Before going global,” Mark smiles with cheeky confidence as he boldly declares, “we are looking to make our shoes a leading shoe-making brand and household name in the West Africa.”

With hindsight, Mark has no regrets for his past difficulties as he believes it helped build or prepare him for this line of work. He is focused on the bigger picture for his company and would go the extra mile to make it all happen.

Mark’s profound message for young people looking to chase their dreams is that it is never worth a damn thing if you would opt to give up. Whether or not you can afford Ghc500 and convince a shoemaker in the very outskirts of town to believe in you, Mark’s message for you is to start with whatever amount within your arm’s reach.

As cliche as this may sound, great success indeed does not come on a silver platter. You need to work hard for it. That’s the bitter truth Mark hasn’t enough sugar to coat. Check out images of some of their shoes below:

Find Haunts Shoes on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook today.

Otherwise, contact +233 276 344 492 to send a quick message on WhatsApp now.

Till the next time, be the change you want to see. Hey, write your own story!!!




New Year’s Eve……..Instead of spending loads of Ghana Cedis on champagne cocktails and a party outfit I might wear only once, I thought why not turn off phones, lock all the doors and spend the evening at home with few friends and love ones. NOT because I hate fun, but because I hate the inconvenience of hundreds of strangers flooding the streets, the bars and clubs, all in the name of having the BEST NIGHT EVER. Don’t get me wrong, yes, I want to have “fun,” and yes, I want to take a nice picture for the ‘gram’ but I can do that literally any night of the week, if I so choose. You dig?

So I spent my new year’s eve with a group of crazy friends (good crazy) just talking, sipping on some drinks, eating; smoking some sh**t and just dancing to our fav tunes of that year. I had met some of them that very night but the vibe was good which made the night even more fun and yet calming and soothing. We all were looking forward to the new year and positive that it is gonna be great.

We had a countdown when it was almost 2018 and when it was exactly 12 AM, there was an eruption of cheers and fire works all around us. We all took turns hugging and the usual new year wishes. Being in a penthouse we all filed onto the balcony to see the incredulous fire works going on. Our British friend who had come down for the holidays was totally smitten and I was so damn proud at that moment that I am a Ghanaian, ah! we sure know how to celebrate.

Later, we stepped out to see whats going on in town and we ended up at Plot 7 club for about an hour and drove back to the apartment. We ate some more and hanged for a bit just talking till we all went to get some shut eye at 6 in the morning.

For me, hanging with different people from different parts of the world, exchanging ideas, networking and having mad fun is the bomb! Especially when you all connect on that level. Positive Vibe is very important.



That’s how I spent my New Year’s Eve so now tell me how you spent yours by leaving your comments in the comment section below.