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Fast rising Ghanaian clothing brand; FearNoMan Clothing, has signed DJ Timmy as its official brand ambassador and sales representative for Nigeria. Kubeyinje Otis Ajodeji also known as DJ Timmy is an exceptionally talented Dj and Music producer.

The signed agreement was announced on Sunday, March 18,2018. A move to increase the reach of Kulaperry’s FEAR NO MAN apparels in Nigeria. DJ Timmy joins a solid team of other personalities who have also been signed as brand ambassadors and sales agent in different countries including South Africa, Liberia, Angola, Mozambique, Ghana, Morocco, and Kenya etc.

Explaining the purpose behind the signing of DJ Timmy, CEO of FEAR NO MAN Clothing; Kuleape Prince Boamah reveals that DJ Timmy is a great talent. His music and personality are fit for representing the brand in Nigeria. Another important reason is that, DJ Timmy has understanding of business due to his involvement in different aspects of music and fashion.

Who is  DJ Timmy?

As a South-South native (Delta State), DJ Timmy was exposed to vast array of music at an early age. Thus his passion for music. Born Kubeyinje Otis Ayodeji, grew up listening to different genres of music, his early music influence includes Dr. Dre, Eminem, Chamillionaire and Jarule to name a few.

During his days as an under graduate at Lead City University (Ibadan), Dj Timmy played at series of events on his campus. A DJ who makes every opportunity count and always make the party come alive, which earned him the nickname “Baddest’’, as a result of his unique style of mix combined with Hype.

Dj Timmy’s journey has been nothing short of exciting in the past year between chart topping releases like RESPEK ON MY NAME and CONNECT and performances at different clubs and music festivals. He snatched a deal with Rapper YungSix KKTBM label making him the official DJ to the rapper and label but both parties are now independent.

With a wide growing audience around Lagos, Ibadan and the South-South region of Nigeria, Dj Timmy is a man of different parts, he can DJ, functions as a Hyper man /Event host, produce and also make beats. DJ Timmy is guaranteed to bring the party to your event and trill any audience.

He is currently promoting his new single with Ice Prince, KaySwitch and Wale Turner and the name of the song is ‘Right Now’. The song is already a fan favorite and it is currently the Hottest Trap song in Africa.

Follow @KulaperryNaija on Instagram and Twitter for more detail about this exciting collaboration for the Fear No Man Brand.

Kulaperry and his management team are currently on an African tour promoting the Brand.


Selorm H.K Fiadjoe (Business Manager)

Kwame A.A Opoku (Business Manager)


Phone Number: +233 244102888 / +233 236841158 / +233 502286486

Good looks matter but this doesn’t mean you’ve got to bed the drop-dead-gorgeous “King Promise” or the very sexy “Ronaldo” type. But studies show there has to be some sort of physical “liking” in order for a girl to let her guard down and allow her vulnerability to show.

Keep in mind, girls usually pick the hot guy for the short-term romp and the average looking man for longer term relationships…Interesting eh?

Well, I decided to nose around to find out what most women find hot on men. You may not agree though but these are the 8 most said things .

THICK LIPS! Yes thick lips, most women find it hot when a guy has thick lips. Yes no matter the color whether pink or not it’s turns me on when  I see a guy  with soft fleshy lips” said one  of the many women I spoke to. “I love my guy because I can chew his beef lips when we are kissing” said another. You may think its weird but this is fact. The reason why guys with thick lips are tagged good kissers.

SMALLER WAIST! WAIT, ARE YOU THINKING WTF? I THOUGHT SO TOO…….. I was bemused when I realized how complicated women can be on things they find hot on men. This is another revelation, men with smaller waist are found hotter and especially when they tuck in. “When I see a man with smaller waist then I begin to imagine how good he can ride in bed “.  A reply from another woman.

PLAYING HARD TO GET! Experts report today that women seem to like the guy that’s not so easy to get. In other words boys, playing hard to get might just put the ball in your court. Seriously, when you aren’t available, it just might make women want you more. *WINK*

HAIRY MEN! This one would not surprise you much. Another feature on men, women rank hot, is hair. Men with hair on chest and legs  are hot according to women. They enjoy the roughness of the hair when it rubs on their skin. “Whenever it prickles me it sends some indescribable sensation through the whole of my being “. Just as she said it.

MONEY TALKS! Women look for a man that shows he has some wealth. So if you have a fancy car or nice house, you will capture her attention before a man that still lives in his mother’s house and rides a bike.

THICKER EYEBROW! This one is truly a bit weird but when you’ve got the thick not thin eyebrows, you are showing your eyes off more and apparently that’s what the girls like. “Believe it or not it turns me on” says one excited lady

DEEP VOICE AND BROAD CHEST! Any of these makes guys hot as well. If you have both then you’re super hot. Broad chest and voice. Its just natural for women to want to be dominated by their men.  “Sweet words from a man with a deep voice makes me feel like a real woman”. Oh please dont look at me I didn’t say that. “I love to lay my head on his broad chest , l feel protected and secured. Those are words from another woman.

SMART AND FUNNY! When a girl is thinking about being attracted to you, there has to be some sense of humor in you and. Experts report that funny suggests intelligence and that’s totally sexy.  One other lady said, Smartly-funny is sexy.



If you ask someone how to look more attractive or beautiful, in all probability, the first thing you’d hear is to just be yourself, isn’t it? But is that really working for you?

Everyone in one way or the other is beautiful to someone. But not everyone is beautiful to everyone. No offence intended here, but it’s the ugly truth in life that sometimes, being yourself just doesn’t work for most of us. A girl’s attractiveness isn’t just skin deep. And so these are the 7 well noted tips you that makes you more appealing.

CONFIDENCE! Being clad in clothes that looks nice on you and having all the the best grooming before going out to wherever, you still remain beautiful, nothing extra. When you are in town what gives you that extra beauty is your confidence. Being confident makes your beauty stand out and that is extra. Take long struts when walking and look focus not too serious.
SMILE!  Never replace a smile with anything. A smile cum confidence gives extra beauty. Smile not only to people  you know but to all people. Smile in your conversations with whoever, Practice the art of smiling even in situations that gets on your nerves.

CLOTHING AND FRAGRANCE! Dress appropriately without appearing like you’re trying too hard. If you’re lost and don’t know where to start, take a look at a celebrity who looks similar to you or has the same body structure. As humans, smell plays a big part in the game of attraction, and if you smell wonderful and leave a waft of the perfect womanly silage behind you, it’s something no guy can forget, be it on a date or when you try to impress a guy as you walk past him! Find “your” perfume and always stay faithful to it. Often people are associated with a special smell, let yours be sweet!
FRIENDLY AURA! Your aura is something that envelopes you all the time, and you can’t fake it. Have you ever sat next to someone only to feel really uncomfortable and awkward all of a sudden for no reason at all? Or have you disliked someone the very first time you spoke to them? On the other hand, did you feel really comfortable around someone as soon as you said hello for the first time? When you meet someone, whether you realize it or not, your aura intermingles with their aura that’s around them, and if one of you feel negative, it rubs on to the other person. Fill your mind and thoughts with warm positivity and a friendly attitude. When you feel positive, your positivity will draw others to you all the time.
YOUR POISE! Walk, talk and behave like a lady. If you stand tall, walk gracefully and look elegant wherever you are, you’ll definitely be noticed and liked by the opposite sex. Remember, guys find girls fascinating because girls are so different from them. Show off your femininity with grace, and you’ll sweep every guy off the floor with your beauty and poise.

GOOD VIBES! It is good to mind your business. But remember you have to be extra beautiful. So the next time you see the person next to you down, spread some good vibes by encouraging the person with some words of love.
And always remember that beauty comes with a cost, practice is what will give you that extra beauty.
GLAM UP! It’s not silly at all to spend a while everyday to take care of your appearance before you step out. If it helps you feel more beautiful, use cosmetics and work with different brushes and colors. You’ll feel more glamorous, more confident and happier with yourself.


Sade releases her first single in 8 years, “Flower Of The Universe” off of the soundtrack for A Wrinkle in Time.
Ava DuVernay, the film’s director, announced that Sade would be creating music for A Wrinkle in Time last month, via social media. “I never thought she’d say yes, but asked anyway,” said DuVernay.

Listen below.



 I was talking to Sarah aka “Priceless babe” as she’s popularly known and she was complaining bitterly about how Tunde her boyfriend of 5 yrs wouldn’t just write epistles about her on her birthday, even though he was all lovey and sweet with his comment on her page, she still wasn’t satisfied that he posted her picture on his page but didn’t write her an epistle and all the whats-not.Surely if he loved me, he would shout it from the rooftops of the inter-webs” she said. This really got me wondering and thinking if she actually wants a show off or she wants a relationship.

Social media has become the biggest online city in the world and virtually everyone lives in that city from Facebook, twitter, Instagram and even whatsapp. Regardless the age or profession you are active or averagely active on one of this platforms. In this online City you can be whoever you desire.

Social media over the years has been the beginning of some relationships as many men this days slides into DMs and ignite the spark from there, and a relationship is birthed, while this is happening though sadly many other relationships have come to their end as a result of many mishaps that occurs as a result of couples living their relationships for show while others compare their relationship with that of other couples on social media. Forgetting that some of this fairy tale relationships online are just make beliefs most time. Remember you can be anything you want in this city.

“Surely if he loved me, he would shout it from the rooftops of the interwebs.”

I’ve envied the relationships I’ve seen online—you know, the really sentimental ones, where partners write long, heartfelt statuses about each other. But in reality, the couples who write those gushingly romantic posts might be, at best, trying to make up after a bad fight or construct a reality that portrays their desired relationship, rather than their real one. At worst, they might be victims of territorial controlling partners.

A good amount of tech-related conflicts happen in relationships: 42 percent report being distracted by their phones, 18 percent argue about the amount of time spent online, and 8 percent have conflicts due to what a partner does online.

My candid advice for couples is never to compare their lives with others. Don’t live for the gram (Instagram) and pay attention to the realities of your relationship rather than juxtapose it with others especially on social media. Give your partner optimum attention when you are together, forget about the online city for a bit and give room for interaction and communication.  


New tiny device instantly creates and secures complex passwords for online accounts using military grade security

It’s hard to come up with strong passwords and then remember them. Especially if you want a unique password for each website you sign in. It’s not even funny how often I click on the “forgot password?” button to create a new one.

And using the same password for all websites is not an option. It’s too risky. Did you know that 1 in 4 people experienced identity theft last year? And that with millions of attempted hacks each day, it’s just a matter of time before you’re next?

The internet is not a safe place anymore and having your e-mail account hacked is a nightmare. Imagine how you would feel if someone you don’t know gained access to your Facebook account. Not fun.

Now you’re probably wondering “but what can I do about it?”

Obviously, nobody can remember a dozen of complex passwords in their head. Let alone figure out the right password for the right website…

But what if I told you that there is a device that will generate passwords for you and then automatically log in your website accounts without you pushing a button?

Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, guess what? There actually is such a device and it was just released to public.

It is called Everykey. It’s a tiny device that provides a highly complex password security for your website accounts. In fact, the highest levels of the military use the very same technology to protect their top secret documents!

READ MORE: Everykey

Ladies, I know it’s sometimes tempting to just lay on the sofa and wolf down an entire pizza, watch TV, daydream and sleep over and over instead of hitting the gym and doing something productive with your lives (I know because I have been there too) but we all know that isn’t a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, so darling you need to pick yourself up and break a sweat. Healthy living isn’t all about following a strict regimen however, it’s also about knowing your body and mind as well as practicing a routine that is easy to maintain and energizing. Below are 5 simple ways to energize your lifestyle as a woman.

Don’t I repeat don’t let your thoughts become your reality. When you start feeling overwhelmed, adopt a strategy I call ‘stop’ because once you start thinking about the negatives, it becomes your reality. Try playing your favorite piece of song or recall a happy experience. Reframe your mindset. For example when your spouse says “we need to talk” instead of fearing the worst, you should think of something more positive. Keep in mind, the aim is to lose the stress. Don’t live for others’ expectations. Alas, too many of us try to please parents, colleagues, a spouse and or even bosses. Stop it now! Aim to achieve what you want. I personally think no one can ever please anyone, for no matter what one does, someone would find a fault.

Last but not the least be mindful of who you spend time with. Don’t hang with people who are constantly complaining about everything instead hang about with people who give you positive vibes and good emotions.

Always eat before you starve to avoid overeating, try as much as possible to always eat clean (less junk food) and keep it balance but of course once in a while you can indulge yourself just to stay sane (LOL). For those who do the late night eating please put a stop to it. I have a beautiful and lustrous skin because I drink a lot of water, they say water is life and there is no doubt that is true so be sure to drink enough water every day. It keeps the body awake.

I am not the type that goes to the gym regularly but am an active person and enjoys different kinds of physical activity, like dance, yoga and leisure walks. If you are not one for the gym just like me, you could take up walking, dancing and practice some yoga poses right in the comfort of your room. Yoga however is more than physical exercise; it has a meditative and spiritual core and I find it soothing to the soul and mind. If you are a ‘gymthusiasts’ keep a workout diary, you just have to record the date, what type of exercise you did, and for how long. Remember, have goals that are simple and realistic. If you haven’t been doing much exercise for the past year or more, just don’t pick a goal like running a marathon. First try to see how your body responds to working out three times a week.

Sometimes to feel good about yourself, you need to reinvent yourself. Makeover! Do something new to your hair, I recently had a haircut and I feel more confident, edgy and even sexier than I felt before. Change your wardrobe if you can afford it….. Go on a shopping spree and spend some money on yourself, you deserve it girl. Go for something chic, colorful; daring and sexy but not trashy. Figure hugging clothes will bring out all those curves you been hiding, trust me at that moment, you will appreciate hitting the gym or taking up some physical activities. Change your routine. Change your look.
You are allowed to change your mind. Mix it up ladies and step out in style and class. I strongly feel that positive self-encouragement also boost your confidence. Look in the mirror and practicing affirmations every morning, celebrate your body inside and out and tell yourself you are ‘THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’

Don’t dwell in the past; you need to keep moving forward. Time waits for no man. If you are a gossip, stop it now and channel your energy into something positive and fruitful. Be sure to be getting enough sleep. Have a positive attitude towards life no matter the number of times it beats you down. You can cry like a baby if you want but you need to get off that pretty butt like the strong woman you are and deal with it, remember this, life is how you make it and believe you me, no one is going to take care of you forever and or make you happy, it’s all you girl, it’s all you!

“It’s not about how long you live; it’s about how well you live”

Kendrick Lamar and SZA  are leaders of an otherworldly African universe in these visuals for “All The Stars” off of the Black Panther soundtrack, Black Panther The Album. The music video for All The Stars was released on Tuesday.

The video, highlights the glory of African cultures as Kendrick journeys from a literal sea of black hands paving the way for him through scenes of strikingly beautiful black people.

It begins and ends with a galaxy of stars in the shape of the continent that SZA dances in throughout the video. It also showcases dance, vibrant African-print clothing, traditional tribal body paint and royals dripping in gold.

“All the Stars,” directed by Dave Myers and the little homies, glorifies aspects of Africa that are rarely seen in mainstream industries and does so flawlessly.

Ghanaian musician and radio host, Trigmatic and wife Dita, over the weekend the couple  held a naming and blessing ceremony for the baby, Eden whom they welcomed on Friday, November 24

Trigmatic shared photos from the ceremony on Instagram, saying:

“God gave you to me and to Him , I present you Eden. My message for u as a father is that fear God and love His work . Things that shook me can’t shake u, in fact will be far from you. think ahead and lead wherever you go. Hate Carnality and embrace spirituality. U will never fail. Mum and I love you so much but you are more of God than any of us. May the Lord reveal your true purpose to u at a very tender age. Be wise as Solomon and rule . Thanx @mrs__matic for this amazing gift.

Check out the images of the ceremony below:

The ‘Kitchen Stool’ Sex Tape is not a breaking story so why wait so long to talk about it? It is simple. I am the person who laughs 17 years on after the joke has been told. With that ice broken, let’s talk and I just may have to keep it short and straightforward as my temper is too short to be telling tall tales.

So it was Monday morning. Quite a hard earned weekday for me as I woke up with a splitting headache. I hardly slept a wink the night before and in my mind’s eye I could not see myself going to work. Ah, the traffic jam, noise, insults from driver to driver; the mere thought of those events even worsened my headache. After I successfully phoned my job to request a day off, I made myself black coffee with no sugar. I needed to stay awake to be effectively lazy that day.

Practicing a usual ritual, I jumped right onto my Twitter timeline for what was trending only to discover a freaking ‘Kitchen Stool’! Same old underrated piece of wood was trending for all the wrong reasons. I scrolled through numerous posts for some time and still couldn’t figure out exactly what all the fuss was about. Almost immediately, I discovered a video. A potential two member cast sex tape game changer. So there was this fairly older man who had been identified as a head teacher. He had mounted a relatively younger woman, apparently 20 years of age on a freaking kitchen stool as though she were a newly unboxed Plasma Television, as he thrusted in and out of her from behind. What I had seen did not look anything like rape; two adults had clearly agreed to have consensual ‘doggy’ coitus on a freaking kitchen stool! Imagine the thirst as they couldn’t even afford to have sex on the decency of a bed.

So there I was, a little shook as I read the comments discussing the sex tape. It wasn’t the age gap nor sex position that got me shook, but the overwhelming reactions the video had received. It was a bit unnatural being that the growing number of witnesses of the video seemed quite unperturbed about the gruesome blueprint of the video. Think about it; a head teacher decided to have sex with his ‘schoolgirl’ on a kitchen stool while filming on tape. How is this even not enough to make Ghanaians angry? Instead, as many as those comments came, they were all jokes and heavy promotion of a piece of wood. Not a single comment expressed any sort of anger so the question here is how did we get here?

The unavoidable logical conclusion that came to mind was that perhaps Ghanaians were just really over constantly complaining about issues of this nature without getting any real results. We know the stories from the Captain Mahama ghastly murder right down to the Rashida Black Beauty ‘melanin downloading’ housefly leaked video. Even Patapaa’s making of ‘One Corner’ was an issue that never really got addressed properly because Ghanaians were busy having ‘fun’. The oversimplication of complex issues by Ghanaians is a direct reflection of our psyche and if this is not enough to get our leaders to strengthen our institutions to reinstate and inspire hope, I doubt anything else would.

While the sexual intercourse in itself may not have been an issue because of the age factor, the academic relationship shared between the two individuals made a clear issue of the intercourse. For those still wondering what really is on trial here, hold my coffee. Before this case gets dragged until Ghanaians forget about it, let me just chip in for ease of reference, the July 2008 Presentation to the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service (GES) re the RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT FOR TEACHERS IN GHANA. It is emphatically stated in this document under Sexual Conduct that no teacher, in this case head teacher, shall directly or indirectly do anything that may constitute sexual harassment of a pupil/ student. It further stated that any teacher who has carnal knowledge of any female or male pupil/ student of any AGE, with or without his or consent, shall be guilty of professional misconduct. This is what is on trial, and with this July 2008 Presentation still in existence, one would have expected that this head teacher wouldn’t even be offered the agony of a trial which could potentially have him walk Scot free if he were to present a good case. Nevertheless, this is not an attempt to make the young lady the victim, but being the student and seemingly the ‘exploited’ party some sort of therapy is preferably a good path to pursue but any punishment whatsoever metered out to her would not be justified.

So there! About that wraps it all up. At this point my headache couldn’t be ignored any longer so I needed to take something stronger than the remaining half of my coffee which had already grown cold after sitting all through the morning’s events.  When next I read this I hope that it would be out of joy for getting a student mounting sex offender into jail ultimately. Not an amusing joke, but that prediction could put a smile on the faces of Ghanaians  even 17 years later after it goes live.

Till the next time, be the change you want to see. Hey, write your own story!!!

AUTHOR: Maurice Boye