His glowing dark skin will make you love him. Kermit Oduro’s amazing dark skin and luscious pink lips will make you wonder what his skin care routine is.

Kermit Oduro is a Ghanaian born model. He has modeled in South Africa and has worked with brands like Oswald Boateng, Atto Tetteh, Woodin and Glitz Africa. He’s currently signed with 20 models management.

He won editorial/commercial model at the Models Union Ghana Awards 2020 and had a nomination for male model of the year for Glitz Style Awards 2019 and also the Global  Style Icons Awards 2020.

“In the quest to find out the secret to his enviable flawless skin, Kermit said 
“Hi Titus, I’m doing well To be honest, I don’t do much to my skin. I don’t remember when last I bought a lotion for my body or face. What I mostly do on a regular is washing my face with cold or warm water. Depends on where I find myself at the time , just to clear the dirt and dust particles off my face and to remove excess oil on my skin. Most of the blemishes or acnes we keep seeing are either stress related or as a result of excessive oil on our faces which allows dirt to settle on and hence producing more pimples, blemishes or acnes in general.”

Shockingly is nothing difficult. As simple as that, all you have got to do is clean your skin frequently according to him.
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When going for casting it’s just appropriate to be in your natural form. Most casting fliers will tell you no make-up, no wigs and so on.

One thing you should take note of is not all castings that you must go without makeup especially if your skin is not that amazing. But also you should not turn up all made up like you’re going on the red carpet.

Los Angelos based model with super amazing dark skin Alencia J Lewis is here with a video on how to get a natural glow make-up when going for castings or doing a digital casting

.Click on the link below to watch it.


I asked the Tall, elegant and well-spoken model “What modeling meant to her,  Lora Akati said in response to my question ‘ Modeling is about expressionism. I put on clothes and assume a certain character. I get to play with my features and limbs and express myself in a language of clothes, makeup, hair etc.’

I noticed then, her shaved head which was bold and distinguished her on the runway. I had first seen her on the runway at the recent Glitz Fashion Week in Accra, wearing pieces by renowned Nigerian designers like Mai Atafo, Ejiro, Moofa and Vonne Couture. At 6’2, she is truly striking and you can’t help but notice her sleek, elegant form sashaying the runway.



I wondered for a moment, asking Akati ‘How did you get to walk for designers of such repute especially as a new face?’

Her features softened, smiling sweetly she said ‘I’ll tell you what. I walked into the fitting room on the second day and immediately I got in, Mai Atafo stood tall amidst a number of models and he said to me upon entering, where have you been? I’ve been looking for tall girls like you!. In a matter of seconds, I was stripped down to my lingerie and already sliding my legs into this crazy ruffle pants.’


Akati went on to explain that designers knew what they want and what body type worked best with what piece. In the same way, Vonne Couture approached her and asked if she’d like to open their show.

I remember that vivid yellow jacket and batik skirt she strutted as Studio 189 closed the Glitz Fashion Week. I could tell there was something special about this 21-year-old. I was pleasantly surprised to meet her at Lagos Fashion Week a couple of days later.

There, she still towered over her peers, walking with such grace. She wore a yellow number from the Sunny Rose collection, finishing off with Maki Oh on the last day. It’s not often you meet a diamond breaking out of the rough but as I watched Akati on the runway at Heineken Lagos Fashion Week, I knew a star was born

Later in an interview with Carmen & Coco of Marie Claire, she disclosed its her first show in Nigeria as well. She mentioned how immensely supportive everyone seemed especially the designers and their creative team, ‘Elvis of Sunny Rose treated me like a princess’ she added laughing. ‘It’s been a tough 3 days and my feet could use a massage and day off, but it’s been such a wonderful experience.’

I had to ask what her plans for the future were. She revealed a lookbook shoot for American-Nigerian Odio Mimonet the next day and a huge collaboration with Afrodesiac Worldwide which she had to keep under the lid for now

The 21-year old is signed to Scope Model Management in Nigeria and is looking to walk in Milan, NYC and South Africa next season. We wish her the  best of luck as we keep a keen eye on her career.

Instagram: lora.akati

In today’s society, modelling has become a catalyst, as it now encourages change in the fashion system and industry.
Models are the face behind the brand. The women who walk the runway have the power to inspire editors, buyers, and fashion lovers to covet a particular piece.

Throughout history, they have defined and defied typical beauty standards, set new precedents, and popularized trends. In today’s world, the model has a greater voice and presence than ever. As street style icon, role model, and activist, she has the power to challenge conventions and connect to social media audiences on a massive scale.

Much as fashion modelling involves using models to show off a particular type of fashion and art, Models are also meant to be more artistic since they represent the art work(modeling). It should show in their expressions, communications, looks, skills. A model should be creative and express herself through certain skills like painting, music (playing the guitar, piano, pan pipes etc), drawing and sketching, just to name a few and these become unique skills found in models.


Cindy Crawford
Carla bruni
Kate Moss
Ajak Deng
Alek Wek
Naomi Campbell, just to name a few.

 AUTHOR: Princess Ladi

Did you know that Shudu, the dark-skinned model with 39,000 followers on Instagram is not real? Along with a male model, Nfon, Shudu is the digital creation of artist and photographer Cameron-James Wilson, crafted and posed using 3D imaging.

View this post on Instagram

Shudu ❤ Nfon . . . 📸@cjw.photo . #shudu #3dart

A post shared by Shudu (@shudu.gram) on

London-based photographer Cameron-James Wilson in an interview shared with Harper’s Bazaar, “Basically Shudu is my creation, she’s my art piece that I am working on at the moment.

“She is not a real model unfortunately, but she represents a lot of the real models of today. There’s a big kind of movement with dark skin models, so she represents them and is inspired by them.”

“Obviously some models like Duckie Thot were definitely big inspirations for her as well,” he told the magazine.

Her creation is impressive. Until you know she’s CGI, you won’t see anything other than a stunning model


But Shudu’s existence is attracting criticism. Many people have tweeted their disappointment that Cameron-James, a white photographer, has digitally created a dark-skinned model instead of giving a platform for real-life black women… who he would need to pay for their work.


One look at Shudu’s Instagram page and the Duckie Thot comparison becomes clear.

While black models, especially those with darker skin tones, are seeing more opportunities in the fashion world, the industry still has a long way to go in terms of equality. Many feel that digital models are robbing real models of opportunities that’s already few and far in between. See more images below






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