“When the football players see this, what do you think they see? They see your breasts. It’s seductive.” This was a statement made to 19-year-old Shalom Ifeanyi by her coach, Molly Alvey, According to Dallas News.

Ifeanyi is now suing the University of Cincinnati and Alvey inciting racial and sex-based discrimination. Her lawsuit states that she’s seeking “compensatory damages, punitive damages, reasonable attorney fees, costs and all other relief to which she may be entitled.”

During a meeting with her coach in June 2017, Ifeanyi was ordered to remove one of the pictures she posted on Instagram. Alvey pointed to the specific image as he gave her the order. Alvey later asked Ifeanyi to delete other pictures off of her profile.  Ifeanyi then responded expressing that she felt she was being body-shamed and treated differently from her teammates – especially since some of them posted pictures of themselves in bathing suits and weren’t asked to remove it. I can’t help the way I’m built,” she wrote in the text message, according to the suit. “I am not trying to argue, I just feel like I have to be flat chested or real skinny in order to post.”

“There’s a history of black women because of their bodies being sexualized and that’s what appears to be happening to me,” she wrote, according to screenshots of the exchange referenced in the suit.”

A week after the exchange, Ifeanyi was called into her coach’s office and let go from the volleyball team. The coach cited them having “different philosophies” as the reason for being asked to leave the team.  She filed a Title IX complaint with the University of Cincinnati and an investigation has yet to be completed months after she initially submitted the complaint.

Ifeanyi enrolled in another university out of state and was allowed to keep her scholarship for the 2017-2018 school year, however, was advised that since she was no longer on the volleyball team, it would not be renewed. Per NCAA rules, Ifeanyi will not be eligible to play the sport competitively in the 2018-2019 season.

According to the suit, Ifeanyi has suffered “humiliation, frustration, aggravation, anger and depression” as a result of being let go from the volleyball team. As relayed on Buzzfeed.

A representative for the athletic department at the University of Cincinnati declined to comment on the suit since it is pending reported People Magazine.

Ethiopian Airlines scores another all-female flight crew feat as it expands its global footprint to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires – its first such flight.

A statement issued in Accra by the Airline quoted Mr Tewolde GebreMariam, Ethiopian Group CEO as saying “Today we are only repeating what we have been doing in heralding to the world that women can do whatever men can”.

He said this all women functioned flight was going to inspire young girls in schools in Africa and in the world telling them that they have a bright future and hope that they could be pilots, CEO’s, technicians, engineers and whatever they like.

“The opportunity is there for them and we will help and support them,” he said.

He said the flag carrier linked Buenos Aires, the world’s capital of Tango, home of centurion old buildings and a vibrant cultural scene, with Africa while observing the International Women’s Day with various proceedings.

Mr GebreMariam said, “Today we are connecting what seemingly look like faraway places: Africa and Argentina”.

He said “it is the Airlines’ firm belief that Argentina would be successful and the move was as per the vision 2025.”

“The flight will generate tourism, people to people connections, trade and investment. Ethiopian Airlines is a global integrator connecting these countries not only with all countries in Africa but also in Asia, a very good market in China, Japan, Korea, Israel, Middle East, Lebanon and so on,” he added.

Mr Gustavo Teodoro Grippo, Argentinian Ambassador to Ethiopia, said, “Ethiopian Airlines debut flight to Buenos Aires has developed a platform to develop partnership between Argentina and Ethiopia on tourism, culture, business, economic growth and sport among other sectors”.
He said this flight builds a longer bridge between Africa and the Latin America that allows the two countries to strengthen not only bilateral relations but also with the two continental regions.

Dr Aklilu Hailemichael, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, said “The continued growth of Ethiopian Airlines led to the flourishing of bilateral and multilateral diplomatic relations of the country in the global arena.

“The impressive achievements of the airline are part of the many successful multifaceted development plans aimed at realizing the national vision of becoming a middle income country by 2025,” he added.

This, however, does not come as news to those who keenly follow the state-owned flag carrier as they broke barriers some months ago when they deployed an all-female crew for a special flight from Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria.

Originally appeared in GBC

Forbes Africa’s newly appointed Head of Digital Media and Partnerships/Correspondent West Africa, Peace Hyde was featured on CNN African voices as a leading change maker and a successful media maven.

Peace Hyde, who is also the founder of education not for profit, Aim Higher Africa which, has created over 500 grassroots businesses all over Africa.

She shared her inspirational story from the classroom in the United Kingdom to being one of the most celebrated and respected women in media both at home in Ghana and beyond.

Besides hosting the hit flagship Forbes Africa TV shows, My Worst Day and Against The Odds with Peace Hyde, which interviews some of the most powerful men and women on the continent on the Pan African business platform CNBC Africa, Hyde also makes time to consistently inspire and empower younger millennials to strive to achieve their fullest potential through mentorship programs.


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