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Talented KIDZ show is Tv program by TV3 which gives kids in Ghana the platform to showcase their talents to the world.

It was through Talented Kidz that Ghana had it youngest female DJ ever, known as DjSwitch who has become an international sensation already.

During the week TV3 hosted DJswitch and her successor Nakeyaat at their studios and their style game was adorably splendid.
Not to forget about the beautiful Maria Potella, a co hosts for the Talented Kidz. She looked striking too.

Their beautiful outfits would make you wish you were a kid once again. Don’t be surprise when they become great style icons in future. They have a record for turning heads with their looks even at this age.
Check them out in the photos below .Photos taken by Benzilla Clicks.

The first impression you get on him when you see him is that he is creative and stylish. Wesley Kesse is a hell of a multi talented person. He is a cook, a presenter , a model and an actor. And  it is amazing how excellent he is at all these.

Not to leave out that his ability to crack your ribs with his tick tok videos. You will never regret spending your time on his tick tok account, he will lighten your mood with his contents.


His sense of style is another attribute worth lauding. He makes his dark skin envious with flattering colors in his choice of style.

Wesley Kesse is a stunner in Kaftans and he rocks them exceptionally well. And these photos are evidence to that, see them below.

The fulfillment of wearing an outfit which limits you to nothing is immeasurable.Then imagine having a suitcase full of outfits which are not only comfy and elegant but makes you stylish without a struggle.

Ghanaian designer brand ‘FashionFivar’ can make that possible for you easily.

‘FashionFivar ‘ by Evelyn Akuffo has been behind some simple and fabulous looks served by gorgeous Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah. Their designs are lovely and intriguing in such a way that they look amazing on all body types. Making whoever rock any of their designs stand out bolding and blissfully.

The choice of fabrics and colors just makes ‘FashionFivar’ outfits superb.It is not a mystery as to why the beautiful actress Jackie Appiah loves to rock them mostly.

Scroll down to see some of Jackie Appiah’s memorable looks in designer brand ‘FashionFivar’. 

It has been days since America’s new president Joe Biden’s inauguration, which was memorable. Aside how graceful the ceremony was, one thing that people were crazily obsessed with was President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama’s style goals at the inauguration.

The couple style goals at the ceremony was insanely admired by many especially Michelle Obama’s and even lead to some style people doing something similar of her style at the inauguration.

She wore a Sergio Hudson look which entailed a coat matching along with a sweater-pants combination in a burgundy color and waist belt and her husband wore a suave black long jacket on top of his white shirt and black trousers.

These kids can not be left out the internet glory of the style challenge of the couples at the inauguration as they also pose in their own imitation of the couples style as President Obama and Michelle Obama at Joe Biden’s inauguration. So far these adorable kids have won the challenge according to the internet. Their parents did an awesome job.

Check the photos below and you will agree with me flatly.