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Even if you have a million bags, these images from their new campaign will make you want every bag from their ‘Nkari’ collection.

‘Daniel Diyepriye’ is a designer brand which deals in luxurious leather bags and shoes. Their brand new collection called ‘Nkari’ is a must have.

Campaign images shot by Danny Wonders. The concepts of the campaign are awesome just as the beautiful bags.

Models featured in the campaign are Priscilla Anyabu and Diallo Maya.

See the amazing campaign images below.

The  fight against HIV must continue. In as much as most people are on the guard about HIV/AIDS, the rate at which people are dying from AIDS is rather increasing.

Despite all the advancement made to prevent people living with HIV from getting AIDS, most people still have wrong information about HIV/AIDS. Due to that, these are some important facts about HIV/AIDS below you need to get updated with.

1.There are people living with HIV who do not look sick because it takes up to two to ten years for the virus to develop to AIDS. And that is when the person shows symptoms of the disease which is AIDS.

.2. HIV can be treated with Anti retroviral tablets (ART). People who undergo treatment live a normal life just like people who do not have HIV.

3.To ensure you do not contract HIV, you must test for it every three months. Use condom anytime you have sex with people who you are not aware of their status.

4.People living with HIV and undergoing treatment can have a family without transferring the virus to their children or their partners who are not positive.

5.Prep can be taken to protect yourself from HIV before sexual intercourse. Pep can be take within 72 hours if you are exposed to HIV by accident or raped.

6.Avoid using drugs or taking alcohol before sex. People who use drugs and take alcohol are more likely to contract HIV than people who do not.

7. HIV can not be contracted by touching or sharing utensils, washroom, bus or furniture with people who have it. Do not draw away from people you know living with it. Stigmatization do not help in any way.

These are basic information about HIV/AIDS you must know to protect yourself and loves ones.

Remember, HIV is only deadly if you do not know your status. So get tested now!

His glowing dark skin will make you love him. Kermit Oduro’s amazing dark skin and luscious pink lips will make you wonder what his skin care routine is.

Kermit Oduro is a Ghanaian born model. He has modeled in South Africa and has worked with brands like Oswald Boateng, Atto Tetteh, Woodin and Glitz Africa. He’s currently signed with 20 models management.

He won editorial/commercial model at the Models Union Ghana Awards 2020 and had a nomination for male model of the year for Glitz Style Awards 2019 and also the Global  Style Icons Awards 2020.

“In the quest to find out the secret to his enviable flawless skin, Kermit said 
“Hi Titus, I’m doing well To be honest, I don’t do much to my skin. I don’t remember when last I bought a lotion for my body or face. What I mostly do on a regular is washing my face with cold or warm water. Depends on where I find myself at the time , just to clear the dirt and dust particles off my face and to remove excess oil on my skin. Most of the blemishes or acnes we keep seeing are either stress related or as a result of excessive oil on our faces which allows dirt to settle on and hence producing more pimples, blemishes or acnes in general.”

Shockingly is nothing difficult. As simple as that, all you have got to do is clean your skin frequently according to him.
Take time and crush on his photos below, do leave a comment for him.

Aaron Adatsi and baby mama Eyram are everything adorable when it comes to serving couple styles.

Not long ago the Yolo actor was all over social media for having a child out of wedlock with the lovely style girl Eyram because he preached to the youth abstinence before marriage.

Well, all those negative energy from people on social media is not stopping the yet be couples from dazzling in awesome couple styles which they both share on their social media platforms.

Eyram hasn’t lost her style girl charm even after childbirth and doing it now with one of the coolest man in Ghana is a game changer.

Indeed love is beautiful when you find it with the right person and these photos from Aaron Adatsi and Eyram proves it true. Check them out and let’s know your favorite look from them.

When going for casting it’s just appropriate to be in your natural form. Most casting fliers will tell you no make-up, no wigs and so on.

One thing you should take note of is not all castings that you must go without makeup especially if your skin is not that amazing. But also you should not turn up all made up like you’re going on the red carpet.

Los Angelos based model with super amazing dark skin Alencia J Lewis is here with a video on how to get a natural glow make-up when going for castings or doing a digital casting

.Click on the link below to watch it.


Ghanaian fashion brand ‘Adjabeng’ presents a new collection named “Anthology”.

‘Adjabeng’ was one of the thirty African designers selected by a panel from Arise Fashion Week 2020 which included super model Naomi Campbell. For Africa’s ” 30 under 30″ designers, and made it to the top eight designers on the list

.The founder and creative director of “Adjabeng”  Travis Obeng Casper has a great vision of leading a big fashion brand in the future.

The brand have been wore by personalities like Amarae, DJ Breezy, Stephen Tayo etc.

Check out the inspiration behind their new collection in the link below.


If you’re a lover of chocolate you would have notice that most people consume milk chocolate more  than dark chocolate and to compare sweetness most of us would go for  milk chocolate.

These five facts about dark chocolate will make you consider it especially if you want to be healthier.

1.The higher the percentage of cocoa in dark chocolate the more the benefits. Dark chocolate of high cocoa percentage contains a lot of strong antioxidants more than most foods.

2.Dark chocolate improves blood flow and may  reduce blood pressure as it has elements which helps produce nitric oxide which relaxes the arteries.

3.Consuming dark chocolate reduces the risk you getting heart disease.

4.The flavanols in dark chocolate as proven by study can protect your skin against the sun damage as it increases blood flow to the skin

5.It improves brain function as it increases blood flow to the brain and improves verbal fluency. It  improves the functions of the brain of  elderly people with mental impairment.

Take note that taking too much of it is not healthy. Two squares of dark chocolate and a bottle of red wine can make your day less stressful and healthier.

Whiles bathing warm water is a daily routine for some people others have their misconceptions about it. It is advised that you bath warm water in the evening and not only at cold times, and these are the reasons why;

1.Bathing with warm water in the evening helps take off the day stress and gives relief from depression. You sweat after, which makes you sleep better

.2. Bathing with warm water get the blood flowing which is not only good for circulation but helps relax tight muscles and sores. It advised to get a warm water bath after working out

.3.Due to the heat in warm water, there’s circulation of blood when bathing with warm water and this minimizes blood pressure which is good for the heart

.4.Using warm water to bath relieves you from cold and nasal congestion. And also kills germs.

5. When you add essential oils to warm water it helps soothes irritated skins and makes you skin glow.

When it comes to sultry looks in African print styles the curvaceous TV host and actress Benedicta Gafah places first.

From time to time she shakes Instagram with amazingly designed African print outfits

Undoubtfully Her official stylist known as coverboykobby is doing an awesome job. These are the three designers he has been working with to ensure Benedicta Gafah keeps her game on.


Rahim Fae

His outfits are beautiful and outstanding. He uses Delicate and remarkable patterns to create interesting outfits. Aside African prints he does a lot of  bridal wedding guests styles too. Click on link below to his Instagram account and check out his works for yourself.


Elibert Klodin official

 He loves the art  of using African prints to make simple stylish outfits. See it for yourself from the link below to visit his Instagram page.


Texy Yeboa

She behind two of the flawless African outfits of Benedicta Gafah. Enjoy s her work from the link below.


Yakubu Sheilla will get your drooling with her sophisticated hijab dressing styles.Decent dressing but screaming elegance.

Her sense of style confirms one hundred and ten percent that you don’t need to put exotic wigs, expose your body or wear tight clothes slay in looks.

Ranging from office looks, wedding guest styles to casual looks she will make you want to rock a hijab even if you are not a Muslim.

One unique thing about her page is, aside photos, she posts a video to show how she rock the clothes with confidence and blissfulness.


Scroll down to see photos of my favorite looks of her.